Joe Biden’s Plan To Tax Guns, Magazines Would Cost Gun Owners $34 Billion In NEW Taxes For Items They ALREADY OWN!

We reported on the Friday before the election that Joe Biden was doubling down on his promises to ban AR-15s and pass sweeping gun control.

But a very sinister aspect of his plan would levy new taxes on gun owners, making them pay hundreds of dollars  in new taxes on entire classes of guns and high capacity magazines — items that they have already paid for and legally own!

Biden has said that he would force every AR-15 to be registered under the National Firearms Act of 1934. That would simultaneously levy a $200 federal tax on every single AR-15 currently owned by Americans.

And it’s not a “one tax per gun owner.” No, it’s per gun. So if you own more than one, just multiply that $200 by the number of AR-15’s you own.

According to the latest NSSF estimates, American gun owners currently own about 20 million “Modern Sporting Rifles” — the guns that Democrats call “assault weapons” and which would be subject to Biden’s new tax.

If you multiply $200 times 20 million, the federal government would be collecting $4 BILLION dollars in extra taxes from “assault weapon” owners alone.

High Capacity Magazines, Too

Biden’s stated plan for gun control including forcing American gun owners to register their ‘high capacity’ magazines under the National Firearms Act, as well.

This means that, as it stands, American gun owners would ALSO have to pay $200 per high-capacity magazine they own.

A gun owner that owns two AR-15s with two high-capacity magazines for each gun would be forced to pay $1,200 in new taxes on items he’s already legally bought and paid for!

And it’s not just AR-15 magazines that would be affected. ANY ‘high-capacity’ magazine holding more than ten rounds would fall into this category.

The latest NSSF numbers indicate that American gun owners currently own 71 million pistol magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds and “79.2 million rifle magazines capable of holding 30 or more rounds.”

If we round that to down to 150 million magazines, and multiply that by $200, each, the the tax on those would be $30 billion.

Add those two categories together:  $4 billion for “assault weapons” taxes and the $30 billion in magazine taxes, and American gun owners would owe $34 billion.

How Do They Think This Is Going To End?

The radical left wants to defund the police, but at the same time, would enact a tax bill that would impact tens of millions of Americans and would almost certainly require the police to enforce it?

As usual, the left is banking on peaceful compliance.  Maybe they think millions of Americans will just turn their guns and magazines in to the government to avoid the new taxes?

Maybe they will?  Either way, recent history in New Zealand has already shown that mass gun confiscation follows actions like these.

The left’s vision of America grows uglier by the moment.