New York Legislator Files Bill That Would Require Gun Owners To Carry Liability Insurance — And David Hogg Loves The Idea

The anti-gun politicians in New York State are moving full speed ahead this legislative session, continuing their unending war to chisel away the gun rights of the law-abiding citizens who pay their salaries.

On January 6th, Assemblyman Nick Perry filed a bill (A. 581) in the New York State Assembly that would requires proof of liability insurance to carry a firearm!

Keep in mind that in New York State, it’s already exceedingly difficult to get a handgun permit, which makes them rare already!

This additional regulation would make it nearly impossible to obtain a carry permit since you can’t get ‘self-defense’ insurance in New York State!  We don’t know of a single company that even offers such liability insurance for gun owners in the state.

But more fundamental than the practical concerns are the constitutional issues.  This is an obvious violation of the Second Amendment!  After all, do we need a permit to exercise our free speech rights?  Do we have to carry liability insurance on any of our other rights granted to us by the Constitution?

And for all the left’s talk about the poor, minorities and women, who do they think is disproportionately affected by the hefty price tag that this insurance would place on the right of self-defense?  The exact groups they claim to care so much about!

The Crime Wave of 2020

But ultimately, this bill is laughable in the face of the violent crime spree that New York state — and especially gun-controlled New York City — experienced just last year!

We reported on the skyrocketing rise in crime throughout 2020.  At one point in the summer, gun sales were up 120% over 2019 as New Yorkers realized that the cops weren’t coming — or at least weren’t coming fast enough.

The crime wave was partially due to the genius idea of releasing criminals due to the Corona Scare.  We reported earlier this month after a police officer was shot in the neck by one of those released inmates!

Crime Tsunami Continues

But far worse than the crime wave caused by the Corona inmates has been the crime tsunami caused by Andrew Cuomo’s bail reform law that went into effect on January 1st, 2020.

The radicals who backed the bail reform law argued that charging bail was racist, since minorities were less likely to make bail than criminals of other races.

So in New York state, as of January 1, 2020, they’ve just stopped holding the perpetrators for thousands of crimes until their trial!  Instead, the state allows them to walk the streets until their court dates.  According to the delusional leftists who dreamed up the new law, these violent criminals were going to show up in court on their own free will!

In some cases, violent criminals have been arrested for crimes multiple times in a single day but police were forced to release them back on the streets to terrorize more people until their court dates.

It’s a catch and release for criminals!

As Goes New York, So Goes The Country

We keep a close eye on gun rights battles in New York and California because they are often the ‘testing grounds’ for the gun control that the left plans to try to ram down our throats from the federal level.

In fact, just this week, anti-gun spotlight-seeker David Hogg tweeted that gun owners should be forced to carry liability insurance — so it’s clearly on their radar.

With Biden and Harris taking office in just a few short days, gun owners in other states shouldn’t ignore bills like this by assuming they’re only a threat to gun owners living in radical left states like New York and California! The left wants this sort of legislation for ALL of us.

One State Organization Is Fighting Back

While many outside of New York have given up on winning any battles over gun control, one 2A group is not ready to turn the state over to the anti-gun crowd just yet.

The New York State Firearms Association plans to politically hammer on any weak or moderate Republicans who might be inclined to vote for this nasty bill to make friends with the anti-gun crowd in Albany.  If you live in New York state, sign their petition NOW!