David Hogg Calls For Gun Owners To Carry Liability Insurance But Misses The Point — In Other News, It’s Wednesday

Photo Credit: David Hogg’s Twitter Feed on January 11th — He actually posted this photo of himself, himself.  For real.

David Hogg, most famous for being in a building when something bad happened in another part of the building, is desperate for attention.

Gun owners may recall when Hogg told the world that he had been the subject of no less than seven assassination attempts.  There were no police reports to back that up, no arrests, no charges, no trials, no convictions, of course.

Then he tweeted that he wanted his body displayed on the front steps of the NRA building in Virginia if he were killed by gun violence.

But those stunts must not have gotten him the attention he craves, so he took to twitter to say more crazy things.

The Latest Laughable Tweet

In a tweet came yesterday, where Hogg tweeted about gun owners needing to buy liability insurance:

Not The Smartest Hogg In The Swamp

Let’s break this down.  Hogg honestly thinks that violent criminals are going to go get in line at a gun gun store, go through a background check, and get liability insurance before they go rob a bank, break into a home, or kidnap or murder somebody?

He, like so many leftists, discounts the most important part of this discussion: Criminals, by definition, break laws.

He ignores the fact most people who are injured or killed in violent firearm-related crimes are hurt with guns obtained through already illegal means.  That is….criminals usually commit crimes to GET their guns in the first place before they break more laws with them!

Criminals are often already legally prohibited from owning a gun, they stole a gun from a law-abiding citizen or they skipped the background check by buying it off the black market.

But ultimately, what Hogg is trying to say is that the “good guys with guns” aren’t actually the good guys, but are the “bad guys” who are going to go shoot innocent people — so they need to carry insurance for when they do that!


Over at Bearing Arms, one author made an observation about Hogg’s hypocrisy:

It’s funny, though. David Hogg also tweets a lot of other progressive politics, suggesting that he’s all kinds of worried about poor people. What he doesn’t get is that this very policy would have a deeper impact on poor Americans living in more crime-ridden neighborhoods. They may not be able to afford to move, but they can afford a shotgun or a cheap handgun.

Yet by requiring insurance, these income disadvantaged gun owners would now have to factor in insurance costs into purchasing a gun, leaving many of them disarmed in the face of numerous criminals.

In other words, David and his crowd love poor people just so long as they know their place.

Not A Real Solution

This idea isn’t original to Hogg.  None of his ‘solutions’ are since he’s just repeating the talking points that Bloomberg pays his organizations to push.

But still, this idea of forcing gun owners to buy liability insurance floats around from time to time.

Like so many of their ‘solutions’, it only shows just how pie-in-the-sky the anti-gun left’s ideas are.  They don’t think through exactly how to implement this, who it would affect the most, or what the unintended consequences would be.

Oh David.  Your dad is an FBI agent!  Maybe he wasn’t home for dinner often enough to explain to you how criminals think or how laws work?  But as angry as you might be about that, don’t try to take out your frustration on law-abiding gun owners!

Get help.