David Hogg’s Delusions: He Wants His Body Used As a Prop If He Dies By Gun Violence.

Washington, DC — David Hogg, most famous for being in a building when something bad happened in another part of the building, is desperate for attention.

You see, Bloomberg, Soros, and others are paying him to be an anti-gun activist, but he’s not really accomplished much besides stand in front of cameras.

Several months ago, Hogg told us that he’s been the subject of no less than seven assassination attempts.

There are no police reports to back that up, no arrests, no charges, no trials, no convictions.

Just take Delusional David’s word for it, okay?

But folks generally laughed off the fake news Hogg was peddling, so Hogg had to come out with another outlandish statement to keep himself relevant.

He tweeted on August 25th that if he dies from gun violence, he wants photos of his death published widely so that it can be used to stop gun violence.

Further, he wants his body put on the doorstep of the NRA building in Fairfax, VA.

Being delusional, he even made a hashtag for his twitter followers who might want to have their body displayed in this gruesome way.

Now David, your Dad is an FBI agent.

Surely you know that if you’re killed there will be an investigation and your body will be used as evidence, and then given back to your family.

Do you really think your FBI agent father is going to put your then decaying corpse on the steps of any building?

You know that there are laws about how bodies can be handled, right?

You know there are private property rights that would be violated if your family decided to vandalize the NRA’s building with your remains?

Nah, logic and reason aren’t Hogg’s strong points.

Lots of fear mongering, lots of appealing to emotions, lots of preening in front of cameras for potential boyfriends.

On the other hand, he might want to think a bit more before saying something like this.

Some of these radical anti-gun activists would not think it’s too extreme to make somebody a martyr for their cause.

And Hogg isn’t exactly the brightest of their numbers — or the most essential!

Hogg, I wouldn’t offer to be the sacrificial….um…lamb for these folks.  Being unhinged, they might take you up on it.