Constitutional Carry On The Move In Indiana — Bill Has Already Passed The House And Is Headed To Senate!

Indianapolis, IN — Pro-gun legislation is sweeping across red states and the members of Indiana’s House have joined in the fight to advance the rights of gun owners!

Gun owners across the country watched just ten days ago as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi vowed yet again to pass extensive new gun control laws.  In addition, some of the most radical gun control bills in history have already been filed in Congress, so gun owners and some legislators are working hard to pass Constitutional Carry and the Second Amendment Preservation Act — or SAPA — as quickly as possible.

The Hill reports on the action in Indiana this week:

Indiana’s state House on Monday passed legislation that would eliminate handgun licensing in the state, over objections from the State Police.

The measure, which passed 65-31, will now head to the state Senate. It would eliminate handgun licenses, which raise more than $5 million annually for law enforcement training, according to The Indianapolis Star.

While opponents of the measure have said it will hurt public safety and leave taxpayers on the hook for training, supporters of the measure have said the status quo forces citizens to pay for a constitutional right.

“This bill is for the lawful citizen in the state of Indiana,” state Rep. Ben Smaltz (R), the bill’s author, said in a statement. “This bill is for the person who obeys our laws who right now has to jump over the hurdles to be the person that gets the permit.”

The bill would phase out licenses by March 2022, leaving the Indiana State Police and Bureau of Motor Vehicles to create an alternate system for looking up whether a resident is permitted to carry a handgun.

Constitutional Carry or ‘permitless carry’ is already the law in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming,

Already in 2021, we reported that Utah and Montana have passed similar bills into law which will go into effect in the next few months.  Tennessee is right behind them, and Iowa has also seen a Constitutional Carry bill filed!

If Your State Isn’t Advancing Gun Rights, They’re Losing Them

With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House promising gun control and the explosion of violent crime around the country in 2020, there is absolutely NO excuse why Republican legislators aren’t fighting to the last man to advance our gun rights.

Gun owners watched as tyrannical governors tried to close gun stores as non-essential in 2020.  Then, even in states where gun stores never closed, millions of Americans were denied the ability to carry a gun for self defense because a government bureaucrat was working from home and couldn’t process their application for a permit!

Constitutional Carry is the solution to this problem and if your legislators are pushing for it, they need to find another job!