Tennessee’s Constitutional Carry Bill Got Tabled By Corona In 2020, But It’s Roaring Back For 2021 Session!

For most of last year’s legislative session, it looked like passing Constitutional Carry in Tennessee was going to be a slam dunk.

After all, the bill was filed by Governor Bill Lee, himself, and had gathered dozens of co-sponsors.  In addition to having the governor on board, both the Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson and the House Majority Leader William Lamberth were endorsing it!

But as Covid came to town, the legislature adjourned early :

On 19 March, 2020, the Tennessee legislature temporarily recessed, stopping legislative action.  Constitutional Carry, which had been endorsed by the Governor, the majority leader in the House, and the Majority leader in the Senate, is dead in the water. The legislature hopes to resume the session on 1 June.

Gun owners didn’t give up hope, and Governor Lee even commented in the spring saying that he wanted Constitutional Carry to be passed if the legislature met later in the summer.  But it didn’t happen due to the extremely short session that was eventually held — mostly to pass the budget.

Fast forward to 2021!

Rep. Bruce Griffey filed a new bill, House Bill 18  on December 3rd, 2020 for the 2021 legislative session. The bill has already gathered co-sponsors in Rep. Scotty Campbell, Rep. Clay Doggett, Rep. Mark Hall and Rep. Todd Warner.

With the same pro-gun Governor, Senate Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House still in office — and a simply, straightforward Constitutional Carry bill — it’s no exaggeration to think that Tennessee will become the 18th Constitutional Carry state in 2021!

Now Is The Time To Demand MORE From Our Republican Legislators

This is EXACTLY what gun groups in red states should be doing in 2021 — pushing to advance their gun rights!  After all, gun owners nationwide saw in 2020 that the gloves were off.

From tyrant governors who tried to shut down gun stores, to months long delays as sheriff’s offices all but stopped issuing concealed carry permits, the need for Constitutional Carry couldn’t be clearer.

But not only do gun owners have to fight the radical anti-gun Democrat crowd, our biggest fight has been from the nominally pro-gun side!

Cowardly Republicans, do-nothing Republicans, and compromising Republicans have done enough damage…it’s time to advance our gun rights!  Gun owners needs to send them a message: if they’re not going to tooth and nail for our gun rights, we’re going to kick them out of office!