BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene Filing A Federal SAPA Bill That Outlaws Using Federal Money To Enforce Gun Control!

Boom!  Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t good friends with the Swamp Monsters in Washington, D.C. but she is a good friend to America’s gun owners — as she has proved yet again with some ground breaking legislation she is filing today.

News broke this morning that the freshman Congresswoman has filed legislation that would effectively nullify federal gun control by outlawing the use of ANY federal money to enforce gun control.

Without money to put boots on the ground, federal gun control would be dead in the water!

This bill is essentially a federal version of the Second Amendment Preservation Act or ‘SAPA legislation’ that is being filed in states all across the country.  For an explanation of SAPA legislation, see here.

When reached for a comment, Greene replied:

Today, I’m introducing the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” (SAPA), a bill that would strip the federal government of our taxpayer dollars it uses to enforce federal gun control in the fiscal year 2021.

Left-wing, anti-gun radicals in Washington, DC, are working overtime with the Biden administration on schemes to attack our Second Amendment rights not only through the Congress but also through the Executive branch. My bill would cut off ALL funds the feds could use to enforce gun control.

I ran for Congress with a pledge to be the most pro-gun Member of Congress. In my first week I co-sponsored National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Acts. This SAPA bill is the first of many I plan on filing in the coming weeks and months.

Americans need allies in Congress who won’t give an inch of our Second Amendment rights away to the gun-grabbers. There’s no better ally than me.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come.”

This bill isn’t just a publicity stunt that doesn’t have the legs to move.  In fact, it’s already gathering cosponsors, including Paul Gosar (AZ), Randy Weber (TX), Scott Perry (PA), Madison Cawthorn (NC), Thomas Massie (KY), and Chip Roy (TX).

A long time champion of the Second Amendment, Greene’s campaign made national headlines and drew Big Tech censorship for her viral ad featuring an AR-15.

Since President Trump left office, Greene has been outspoken in her efforts to hold back the tide of gun control that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have promised to pass for their far left supporters.

This bill would do just that, cutting off the left’s ability to enforce any new gun control they might pass!

A Rising Star And A Powerful Alliance

While the left — including Nancy Pelosi — hoped to throttle and silence Greene by removing her from her committee assignments, all they did was give the fearless Greene more time to fight for gun owners!

Greene has been a longtime supporter and advocate for the American Firearms Association — a national organization dedicated to defending Second Amendment with a ‘no compromise’ approach and cutting edge tactics.

We expect to see great things from Marjorie Greene and the American Firearms Association in the future and this is just the beginning!

The American Firearms Association and it’s sister organizations that are active in almost a dozen states is leading the fight to pass this SAPA legislation across the country — and it’s taking off like wildfire!

Fill out the petition below to tell YOUR federal legislators to back Marjorie Greene’s federal SAPA legislation!  The American Firearms Association has provided this petition to help gun owners nationwide contact THEIR legislators DIRECTLY, so take thirty seconds to fill out the petition right away!