Facebook DELETES Georgia Candidate’s Pro-Gun Ad That Already Has 1.2 Million Views

Earlier this week we reported the buzz about Georgia Congressional Candidate Marjorie Greene and her awesome new ad telling Antifa thugs where to go.  Greene is running in Georgia’s 14th Congressional district.

If you haven’t seen it yet, hurry up and watch it while you can, because Facebook has notified Greene’s political campaign that they’re going to pull the add off their platform.

Check out what has those anti-gun leftists so mad:

Between Twitter and Facebook, Greene’s ad has more than 1.2 million views –it clearly struck a chord with pro-gun voters!

But the left hates America and Americans who will stand up to defend themselves and their families.  And they especially hate that these pro-gun ideas might spread.

With millions of first-time gun owners looking for NEW leadership and NEW ideas after their old leaders and ideas failed them, Big Tech doesn’t want them to catapult pro-gun champions like Greene into the political arena.

Facebook didn’t tell Greene’s campaign how long until they pull the spot, so SHARE SHARE SHARE while it’s still up!

EDIT:  Since we published this story, Facebook has already taken the video down.  So much for tolerance from the left!   They want to silence gun owners at every turn — which means we have to be louder than ever!