Georgia Congressional Candidate Tells Antifa Where To Go!

Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Greene isn’t a fan of Antifa.  And to make sure they understood how she feels about them, she made this post on Twitter today.


This wasn’t Greene’s first campaign ad to take aim at the hard left.  We told you about this ad released by her campaign several months ago and it’s so fun to watch, we’re sharing it again.

The Galvanization Of The Right

As the radical left fights harder than ever to turn America into a gun-free socialist hell hole, their attacks are having a positive effect on our side.  No more lukewarm candidates who want to schmooze their way into office.

No, if you’re going to represent our side of the debate, you need to be tough as nails and rock solid.

Luckily for Georgians in the 14th Congressional District, they’ve got that kind of option in Marjorie Greene.