Gun Rush 2020: Final Numbers Show 23 Million Guns Sold, 8.4 Million First Time Buyers

Photo Credit:  Screenshot from Ammo Manufacturing CEO Jason Vanderbrink On Ammo Demand

If anybody had said last January that nearly 23 MILLION guns would be sold that year, it would have sounded too crazy to be true.  But after the wildest ride anybody could have imagined, the data is in and 2020 holds the record for most guns sold in a single year.

Fox news reports:

More than 21 million gun background checks were conducted in 2020 – up 60% from 2019 and over 34% from the previous record set in 2016 – with nearly 23 million firearms sold last year, experts and trade groups said Tuesday.

Last year was a record-smashing year for gun sales, with nearly 23 million units purchased, according to data compiled by Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF). Meanwhile, the FBI conducted 21,083,643 firearm background checks over the course of 2020, compared to the 15,700,471 checks done in 2016, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) said in a press release.

We reported last week that every single month of 2020 held the record for that month — for twelve months in a row.

Meanwhile, the market is far from cooling just because so much has already made it off the shelves and into America’s homes.

In fact, manufacturers continue to face unprecedented demand for both guns and ammunition.

We reported earlier this year how that ammunition sales were up 139% in some cases.  One Indiana gun store sold 80,000 rounds in just two hours on election day.

That demand hasn’t slowed down.

We reported last week when Jason Hornady of Hornady Manufacturing  released a video telling customers that their company is shipping ammo out the day after manufacturing it!

Further, their plant is operating 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Hornady said, “The stuff that goes out today was literally put in a box yesterday,” he said. “We’ve made one-third more than last year. Unfortunately, we don’t have an extra factory laying around…”

Then last week, Federal Premium’s Jason Vanderbrink spoke directly to customers to set the record straight. Rumors of secret warehouses or reduced production capacity just aren’t true.   “We are doing our damnedest to meet this demand,” he said.

Buckle up.  2021 looks like it’s going to put 2020 to shame!