Indiana Gun Store Gets Shipment Of 80,000 Rounds On Election Day, Sells Out In Just 30 Minutes

Griffith, Indiana — Blythe’s Sport Shops had a busy day, yesterday.  The sporting goods chain, with locations in Griffith and Valparaiso, Indiana had a shipment of ammunition arrive in the early morning hours on election day.

The shipment contained 80,000 rounds of 9mm ammo.  But in just 30 minutes after the store opened, all the ammo was sold out, already.

That’s a rate of 2,666 rounds per minute.  That’s roughly equivalent to 60 AR-15s –converted to 9mm — firing at the same time for 60 seconds!

Store Chief Operations officer, Kyle Goranson, said that ammo had been in short supply for most of 2020.  In fact, he reported that none of the customers who came in on election day even mentioned the election at all.

Blythe’s Has Been Serving Gun Owners In Indiana For 65 Years

We’ve reported all year about the skyrocketing demand for both guns and ammunition. We reported that ammo sales are up 139% over last year at this time.

But numbers like this are still incredible to read about.

Somewhere in Indiana, some lucky gun owners are breathing a sigh of relief, today, while the rest of us are on edge, waiting the results of the election.  No matter how it ends, ammo isn’t going to be easy to find any time soon.