Not A Round To Be Found: Ammo Sales Are Up 139% Over 2019

The Gun Rush of 2020 continues, but now it’s ammunition that Americans are trying to get their hands on.  According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), sales of ammunition were up a staggering 139 percent in the first six months 2020 when compared to the same six months in 2019.

Over the weekend, NSSF president Joe Bartozzi spoke at the  2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference.  At the event, he mentioned the statistics on ammo sales, as well as noted that gun sales were 95 percent higher in the same time period.

We’ve reported earlier in the year that the number of new ‘first time’ gun owners in America has topped five million in 2020.  Of that number, Bartozzi explained that “of all firearms sold to first-time gun buyers, 40 percent were sold to women and personal protection was by far the main purchase driver.”

Bortozzi gave his thoughts on what he believes are the motivations behind current gun sales.  For him, in conjunction with the social unrest in America’s big cities, the anti-gun rhetoric of Joe Biden is concerning.

At no other time in the last 50 years have Americans wanted to own guns more — or lacked faith in the government’s desire or ability to protect them.  When they hear Biden talk about ending gun sales, that sounds far more radical than it might have sounded just two years ago.

When Americans hear comments from Sleepy Joe where he calls gun makers “the enemy” and Biden’s promises to “to bring them down,” frankly, that message has never resonated less with the average American.   You know, the Americans who don’t live in a gated  community.

Self-Defense Used To Mean Defense From A Mugger, Not A Mob

The world has changed so much in 2020 that it’s hard for the anti-gun crowed to keep their messaging on point.  The pro-gun crowed pointed out for years that a concealed weapon allowed Americans to walk without fear of being mugged or robbed on the streets.

But in 2020, nearly every single American has watched a viral video or two of these violent mobs beat and even murder a citizen.  Oftentimes, that citizen just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Scarcity Of Goods And Services”

In addition to the threats on the television every night, Bartozzi noted that many Americans also expressed a concern about “scarcity of goods and services” caused by the pandemic.  Those aren’t words Americans are used to hearing, but it’s 2020, so people are evolving.

The idea that they might not be able to find what they’re looking for at the grocery store is a real, tangible threat in the back of many minds, because millions of Americans saw how quickly the stores sold out when the supply chain faced logistical disruptions in the early days of the Corona scare.

November Is Coming

Thanks to Biden and Harris both being bold and upfront about their hatred for the Second Amendment, voters can’t say they didn’t realize what was at stake.

We’ll see what November brings, but most Americans are realizing that no matter who wins, things aren’t going to go back to normal.