Jason Hornady: Our Entire Warehouse Was Empty In March, Inventory Completely Sold Out

The Gun Rush of 2020 has made headlines all year long.  But along with the skyrocketing gun sales has been a critical shortage of ammunition. We reported earlier this year how that ammunition sales were up 139% in some cases.  One Indiana gun store sold 80,000 rounds in just two hours on election day.

On December 18th, the CEO of Hornady Manufacturing made a video updating their customers about how things stand with the ammo shortage.

Check out Hornady’s one minute video here:

Meanwhile, Brownells gave Hornady a shout out, likely trying to reassure their own customers that everybody in the gun world is doing everything they can do get ammo into as many Patriots’ hands as possible.

Gun owners are nervous with the possibility of a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris presidency looming just days away.

And they have good reason to be.  Many anti-gun Democrats have proposed putting a new tax on ammunition, requiring background checks to purchase ammunition like the state of California requires, or even limiting sales of ammo every month like they currently limit gun sales in many states.

The time to buy Second Amendment supplies is now, and Americans are doing just that.