BURN! Texas Senator Ted Cruz Wore A “Come And Take It” Mask To Biden’s Inauguration!

Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty

We gotta hand it to Senator Ted Cruz for this one.  The Texas legislator was photographed at Joe Biden’s inauguration yesterday wearing a mask emblazoned with the Gonzales Flag’s “Come and Take It” logo.

Gun owners might remember that former President Trump referred to the Gonzales Flag in a speech from 2018, where he  told the gun-grabbbing left to “Come and Take It”.

In 1835, soldiers from General Santa Anna’s army marched into the little Texas town of Gonzales and ordered those Texans to surrender their small cannon that they relied on to protect their lives and protect their homes. The Texans refused! They were not about to give up their only means of self-defense.

Trump continued:

In response, Santa Anna’s army returned with a large group of additional people. They had men all over the place … [but] this time, they were met by dozens of Texans … who had rushed to Gonzales to defend their rights and their freedom. As Santa Anna’s men watched from a distance, those brave Texans raised a flag for all to see. On the banner, they painted a cannon along with four words that echoed through the ages. It said, “Come and Take It.”

The Threat Is NOW

We doubt Ted Cruz was thinking about Texas’s glorious past when he wore that mask.  It’s far more likely he was thinking about the future of our gun rights with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House.

We’ve reported before how Joe Biden has promised to add a $200 tax to all firearms he considers ‘assault weapons’ and any magazine over 10 rounds.  This would add an estimated $34 BILLION dollars in taxes on American gun owners for guns they already own.

Before he was even inaugurated, Biden had stacked his cabinet with seven openly — and often radically — anti-gun picks!

Add in the fact that he’s promised to make Beto O’Rourke his ‘gun control czar’ and gun owners know that this administration is going to be attacking on all fronts.