Biden Announces that Beaten Beto O’Rourke Will Be His Gun Control Czar

Dalls, TX — At a campaign rally in Dallas on Monday night, Beto O’Rourke officially endorsed Joe Biden for president. In the last two days, Pete Buttigig and Amy Klobuchar also endorsed Biden, narrowing the field and making it more obvious that Joe Biden will be the left’s pick in the race against President Trump.

But what Biden said about O’Rourke has folks on the right taking notice.

Check out this video:

Here’s Biden’s statement, in case that was hard to hear:

I want to make something clear — I’m gonna guarantee you, this is not the last you’re seeing of this guy — you’re gonna take care of the gun problem with me, you’re gonna be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on you, I’m counting on you, we need you badly.”

Folks, this is all a dog and pony show.  We all remember the insanely–almost laughably–outlandish things O’Rourke was saying during his own campaign.

Why wasn’t he more careful, more veiled in his goals to smash our gun rights?  Because he was playing a role.  See, Bet’s campaign moved the entire conversation on gun control to the left. FAR left.  O’Rourke torpedoed his own presidential campaign by promising gun confiscation, door to door police raids, and more.  Why would he do that?

Because he succeeded in making the other anti-gun candidates look more moderate.  After all, Joe Biden is at least proposing a mandatory buyback, instead of just taking your guns like O’Rourke.

See how that worked?  O’Rourke moved the conversation to the left to give the other candidates political cover…and now he’s getting his reward.  What does he get?  He is apparently going to be Joe Biden’s gun control czar!  That’s another political step up for a twice-loser who doesn’t hold any office at all.

It’s a Power Game, And American Voters Aren’t Invited

That’s how the left plays the game.  Biden can’t appeal to most of the radical elements of the left, so they’re stacking his campaign full of those lunatics to broaden his appeal.  They’ve got the pro-LGTBQ element with Pete Buttigig’s endorsement.  They add in the radical anti-gun crowd’s votes with O’Rourke–and the promise that O’Rourke will be in charge of gun control policy!  They’re all already radically pro-abortion, so no extras needed there.

And that’s how it goes.  These people aren’t in opposition to each other.  They’re all working together to destroy America.  To take away our rights–and if they can’t take them from us, they’re making sure our Grandkids don’t have them.  They want to tear everything our American forefather’s built down, and put up a leftist hellhole in its place.

We, for one, aren’t going to sit back and let that happen.