Joe Biden Stacks His Cabinet With Two More Anti-Gun Members, Totaling Seven Anti-Gun Picks So Far

On Thursday of last week, Joe Biden chose two more cabinet members who have a long history of being anti-gun and working to pass gun control.

The first of the two, Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, was chosen to fill the role of Commerce Secretary.  But as recently as January of 2019, Gov. Raimondo was pushing for a slew of gun control bills in her state.

They included an “assault weapons” ban, a prohibition on “high-capacity” magazines and a permanent ban on 3D-printed guns, according to WJAR.

While Governor, Raimondo also pushed for a law requiring gun sellers to submit their customers’ applications to purchase a firearm over to police!

She was a proponent of “safe storage” laws and wanted to ban the carry of loaded rifles and shotguns on public roadways, the local outlet reported.

In comments to the media, Raimondo reamed the Rhode Island legislature for failing to pass the gun control she wanted.  According to the Providence Journal, Raimondo said at the time:

“One year ago tomorrow, we were here at an event very much like this. We introduced a slate of common sense gun-safety legislation [that] we know would make Rhode Island safer,” “And do you know what happened with those bills? No action.  “The legislature sat on their hands, as have people in Congress and in the Senate in Washington. So we are here again … and we’ll be here again next year if that’s what it takes.”

Another Radical Anti-Gun Pick

Biden’s second pick was Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who was a key figure in an anti-gun proposal in 2018.  WND reports:

The mayor, alongside Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, unveiled a comprehensive firearm restriction bill in 2018 dubbed the Making America Safe and Secure, or MASS act, which would give monetary incentives for states who enact forms of gun regulation, according to Boston Magazine.

The bill would have allowed the Justice Department to set aside $20 million annually to award states who implement firearms reform, Boston Magazine reported. Walsh also encouraged Congress to adopt licensing mandates before citizens could purchase firearms, mirroring laws in his home state of Massachusetts, which has some of the most stringent gun regulations in the country, according to the local outlet.

Walsh said at the time,

“Our gun safety bills are a model for other states and, I believe, for the United States Congress to follow. One shooting is one too many shootings. Young people in our neighborhoods across our city face this violence every single day. I hope Congress will look at Boston and Massachusetts as an example of how to move forward and stop the violence.”

 A Cabinet Full Of Nuts

These two picks make at least seven cabinet members that have a history of being anti-gun.

Some of the other Biden picks that have called for gun control in the past include California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Dr. Vivek Murty, former Obama-era security adviser Susan Rice, former South Bend Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and former Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

This doesn’t bode well for gun owners.

Many have speculated that Joe Biden is a placeholder, a figurehead for the Presidency.

If that’s the case, then some of the most radical, anti-gun leftists have been picked to tell Biden what to do — and our gun rights will likely be on the chopping block!