CHICAGO: Cell Phone Store Employee Shoots, Kills Armed Robber — Chicago’s Leadership Ignores GGWAG

PC:  Screenshot from footage of armed robber in a Metro PCS in New Orleans, Sept. 2017.

Chicago, IL — A Metro PCS store employee is alive and well today after he shot and killed an armed robber on Saturday night.

According to NBC Chicago, the incident occurred around 7:00pm on the day after Christmas.

At approximately 6:50 p.m., the unknown male offender walked into Metro PCS, 3239 W. Chicago Ave., presented a handgun and demanded property, according to law enforcement.

An employee, a 29-year-old man who holds a valid Concealed Carry License and Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, produced his own handgun and fired shots toward the offender.

The offender sustained a gunshot wound to the chest and was transported to Stroger Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Two weapons were reported, police said, one from the employee and a second from the offender.

The incident remains under investigation by detectives.

So far, Lori Lightfoot and the city’s other leftist leaders have ignored this story — we suspect because it doesn’t fit their gun-control narrative!

In a city that has seen over 3,800 people shot in a single year, Mayor Lightfoot still thinks that the guns are the problem.  She and the other far-left Democrats who run Chicago don’t like to talk about stories like this one, where a violent criminal was stopped — permanently — by an armed good guy with a gun.

Instead, they blame Indiana, President Trump, or anything else they can think of except their failed gun control.

As for the hero of this story, thank God he had navigated the bloated and complicated FOID application system to have all of his paperwork in order!  For other Illinois residents who might want to get a concealed carry permit, they’re currently looking at a five month wait.

And if his paperwork wasn’t in order, prosecuting attorney Kim Foxx — who received $2 million dollars in campaign funding from George Soros,  would have thrown the book at him.

Carry every day, and fight gun the left’s gun control like your life depends on it!  In the case of this Metro PCS employee, if Lightfoot and her friends had their way, he’d have been unarmed — and possibly in the morgue instead of the bad guy!