Lori Lightfoot Says Chicago Needs “Common Sense Gun Control” — NO Federal Troops

Chicago, IL — Chicago residents who don’t like living in chaos and mayhem got some more bad news during a press conference this afternoon when Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) rejected calls for Federal troops to help restore law and order in her city.

Lightfoot called the press conference after a night of riots, ‘looting caravans’ and destruction of private property that began after a 20-year-old black man shot at police.  The Chicago Police returned fire, wounding the the young man early Saturday afternoon in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.

The disgruntled mob tried to pretend that the person who was shot was only a teenager, and social media lit up with accusations that Chicago police had ‘killed a child’ and more.  By nightfall, the rioting and looting were in full sway.

Police reported seeing ‘looting caravans’ where several cars would pull up to a business, break the windows and doors and grab everything they could carry before running back to their cars and moving onto a new target.  Police were understandably having a hard time detaining them with these caravans at work throughout the downtown.

Lightfoot Out To Lunch

Instead of admitting that her city is out of control — and begging for any help she can get — Leftist Lori doubled down on excusing the violent mob that she has allowed to take over her city. Instead, Mayor Lightfoot blamed a lack of gun control for the chaos.

At the press conference this afternoon, a reporter asked if the Mayor agreed with Illinois House Republican Jim Durkin’s calls for the National Guard and others to step in and restore order.  Lightfoot replied by emphasizing that she does not want “federal troops” in Chicago.

“Again, No, We DO NOT need federal troops in Chicago.  Period. Full stop.  I’m sure the president will have his way with this incident, but I’m calling upon him to do the things we do need.  We need common sense gun control. We cannot continue to have circumstances where anybody and their brother can go off across the border or other parts of Illinois and bring illegal guns into Chicago.  That is something the Federal government is uniquely qualified to do and we need him to do that.”

Check out this footage, starting at the 4:00 minute mark:

All of this blaming other states for Chicago’s gun crime is a joke — even their own data shows it!  We reported last week how the BATF reported that the majority of guns recovered at crime scenes in Chicago were purchased in the state of Illinois! 

In fact, ATF numbers for 2018 show 5,337 guns recovered in Illinois were sourced as coming from Illinois. Another 4,375 guns recovered in Illinois and traced to their source were from Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, or Michigan.  Hardly a problem of a single state dumping guns into poor, innocent Chicago!

The Left’s New Normal!

So this is Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago:

Don’t like it?  Then you’re racist, or you’re a violent gun owner — or worse, both! If you don’t like this new America, YOU are the problem!  Conform or you support violence and death!

The left is a one trick pony.  They lie and manipulate, but more and more Americans are waking up to the nightmare that America will become if we cave to these ideas.

Time to get loud — our gun rights are on the line!