Bloomberg’s “The Trace” Claims Chicago’s Guns Come From Surrounding Pro-Gun States — Their Own Data Says Otherwise

Democrats can’t make their case without lying.  Ideally, they like to dumb down their audience — sleepers don’t ask questions, after all — and then seal the deal by lying.

That’s the case here where Bloomberg’s private news organization, The Trace, tweeted some data and stated that other states surrounding Illinois were the primary source of guns recovered from crime scenes in Chicago.

But the stated claims at the top….are completely at odds with the actual chart below!  They claim in their text that other states are to blame for their violent crime problem but a better look tells the whole story.

The state of Illinois ITSELF is number one source for the guns criminals are using to kill each other in Chicago!

Just do the simple math:

Guns recovered that were sourced from Illinois:  5,337 guns

ALL the other states on their chart combined only come to 4,749 guns.

Said another way, guns from 48 states recovered in Illinois are not even half of the guns sourced from Illinois.  But the left will keep repeating their lying narrative, convincing young people that we need Federal level gun control because ‘Chicago’s gun control isn’t working because of those meanies in Indiana.

What a joke!