Gun-Controlled Chicago’s 2020 Bloodbath — Nearly 3,800 People Shot This Year, Violent Crime Up By 50% In Mayor Lightfoot City

(Photo Credit: Chicago Police Department )

Chicago, IL  — We’ve reported many, many times this year about Chicago’s staggeringly high crime rate.  Under the leadership of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the city has experienced a crime wave  could be likened to a tsunami.

Fox news reports that just under 3,800 people have been shot in the Windy City in the last 11 months.

On Tuesday, the Chicago Police Department reported 3,790 people were shot through Nov. 30, compared to 2,403 in the same time period last year. Murders increased by more than half – 716 homicides through the end of November, compared to the 464 murders in 2019.

In 2016, the city saw 715 homicides, a figure that decreased each of the following three years.

Shootings in November increased from 154 last year to 267, according to police figures. Nearly 340 people were shot over the month as well.

For reference, that means that shootings in 2020 were up 57% over last year.  Murders, too, increased by 54% in the same period from January to November 30th.  Shootings in November of 2020 were 76% higher than November of 2019.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune reported even higher numbers of shooting victims at 3,862, including those who were shot and survived as well as those who were shot fatally.

Police Superintendent David Brown commented on the numbers, saying, “This has been a difficult year for law enforcement throughout the country as COVID-19 and civil unrest have converged to create changed environments in major U.S. cities. Chicago is no exception.”

An ‘Increase’ Is One Thing…

Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to drone on about how badly Chicago needs better gun laws.  She blames Indiana.  Yes, Indiana.  Gun owners can easily imagine all the gun traffickers who running guns from Indiana into the inner city of Chicago, right?

But Lightfoot and her leftist friends refuse to admit the obvious: their city already has nearly all of the gun control that the left wants to pass nationwide!

And yet it’s one of the most violent, dangerous cities in America — more so in 2020 than in many years past!

Gun control isn’t the answer.  Lori Lightfoot pandered to the mob and it resulted in bloodshed and death at record levels.  Her much-loved gun control laws only made sure that law-abiding citizens were sitting ducks for violent criminals.