The Left Is Trying To Make It Illegal To Fight Back Against The Mob

Screenshot from FoxNews.

Louisville, KY –Louisville recently had an event of note to gun owners — and Americans everywhere — who are watching these mobs take over their cites.

On Friday, September 18th, a mob was blocking the street and attacked a motorist who was attempting to drive on it.  One member of the mob, a convicted felon, pulled out a gun and pointed it at the motorist, prompting the motorist to pull out a handgun of their own.

But the mob wasn’t happy that the driver wasn’t arrested — after all, he had pulled out a gun, too!

Check out this local news story:

After a protester was arrested Friday for pointing a gun at a motorist during a march in east Louisville, some in the crowd want to know why the driver wasn’t taken into custody as well.

Both the protester and the motorist pointed guns, according to Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression co-chair Tyra Walker, who witnessed the encounter after a protest at Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office.
“This man, whose name I do not know, was allowed to leave the scene after he threatened dozens of protesters with his gun,” Walker said Sunday morning at a Kentucky Alliance press conference.

Walker said the driver’s intent was to “agitate” those in the crowd. But the only person facing charges is the protester. Louisville Metro Police spokesman Lamont Washington said in an emailed statement that the driver was not arrested “because he was the victim in the incident” and no charges against him are expected.

Robin Ash, 34, was arrested without incident, according to LMPD’s Facebook post. Metro Corrections records show she faces felony charges of wanton endangerment, criminal mischief and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

The incident took place Friday afternoon, as demonstrators walked down Hurstbourne Parkway near Shelbyville Road. A silent aerial video released on the LMPD’s Facebook page Saturday shows a car stop in the street by the protesters, and several people walk up to the vehicle.

After several seconds, a woman runs toward the car and points what appears to be a handgun three times at the vehicle. Members of the crowd usher her away, and several seconds later she appears to hand the object to someone else walking on the street.

Another person in the crowd is seen kicking the rear of the car as others try to create distance between the driver and the people in the street.

What Are They Smoking?

So this crazy felonious woman, Robin Ash — who is already legally forbidden to have possession of a gun but was nevertheless pointing one at this motorist — is claiming that SHE is the victim.

This is a typical tactic of the left: break the law by either blocking a street or attacking a business and then act like they were the injured party when somebody defends themselves or their property against the aggressive criminal’s actions.

You can see them working that angle in this Twitter post, below, putting their spin on an edited video of the incident:

They posted pictures of his license plate and soon identified the man.

Since that time, the man in the picture has been fired from his job — despite the fact that the Louisville Police Department has cleared him of any wrongdoing.  Despite the fact that the police sky surveillance clearly exonerated him of any wrong doing.

The protestors blocked the road, they attacked his car, threatened him with a gun,  and now they want to ruin his life because he didn’t cower to them.  He committed the unforgivable sin: he showed he was willing to defend himself.

That’s not acceptable to the mob.  They want us all groveling and defenseless before them.  Afraid of the Tofu Army who will ‘cancel’ us if we don’t comply.

Housing Will Be Cheap In Louisville Soon

These events come after the nation’s attention has been fixed of Louisville, Kentucky for weeks.  Just yesterday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that the officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor will not faces charges in her death.  One officer involved that night will face charges of ‘Wanton Endangerment’ for wildly shooting his gun into the apartment and the apartment next to it.

But the real news is how the city of Louisville has been in a veritable crime spree all summer ahead of this verdict.   On Monday, their Chief of Police declared the city was in a State of Emergency, shutting off traffic to the downtown, eliminating parking in the downtown. In an effort to placate the mob, the city reached a settlement with Breonna Taylor’s family in the amount of $12 million dollars — the largest in the city’s history.  But clearly, that wasn’t enough.

These Cities Have Got A REAL Plague: Leftism

Unless your Grandma lives in one of these downtown areas, don’t go there, even to check things out.  This guy was 100% in the right and did everything right — meaning he’s not facing any legal problems at all — and still his life has been destroyed.

A word to the wise?  Don’t make comments on social media about how ‘you’d put the pedal to the metal if those that happened to you.’  All of that will come out and be used against you to ruin your life — if not in a court of law, then in the court of social media.

Something you can do is make some calls today to your legislators.  Demand that they sponsor legislation similar to Governor DeSantis in Florida, making it a felony to block a roadway or damage public property during a riot.

The people who block roads and threaten drivers with guns shouldn’t get to claim victim status from those people who choose to defend themselves.