Louisville, KY Tries To Placate The Mob, Settles With Breonna Taylor’s Family For $12 Million

Louisville, KY —  After 100 days of riots, shootings, and destruction, the city leaders of Louisville have reached a financial settlement agreement with the family of Breonna Taylor.

Mayor Greg Fischer held a press conference at 2:00 pm to announce that Taylor’s family had accepted an offer of $12 million dollars.  This settlement far exceeded the city’s previous highest settlement of $8.2 million.

In addition to the money, the City of Louisville has agreed to several policy changes within the police department and their training protocols.

Specifically, the family demanded changes to the approval process for and execution of search warrants, the hiring of a team of social workers to accompany police officers, the requirement for all officers to wear a body camera while on duty, and a commitment to pursue increased drug and alcohol testing of officers involved in any shooting.

Notably absent from the settlement was any admission of wrong-doing on the part of the Department or the individual officers involved in the shooting.

The Back Story

Breonna Taylor was killed six months ago in an early morning raid on March 13th.  Rioting and protesting started almost immediately, claiming that Breonna was asleep in her bed and the officers had the wrong house.  The protestors claimed that Breonna wasn’t on the warrant, and more.

But as more details emerged, the picture of Brendon Taylor grew more complex.

She was dating a known drug dealer, and recorded conversations with her boyfriend while incarcerated seemed to indicate that she was managing some of the financial end of his drug dealing business while he was behind bars.

And while there was a clerical error on the warrant such that it reflected the wrong address, the house Breonna Taylor was in the morning of the raid was the correct house.  She herself was listed on the warrant for the no-knock raid, contrary to her family’s lawyers claims.

Going For Criminal Charges

Breonna’s family wasted no time in holding a press conferences  of their own just hours after the announcement of the settlement this afternoon.  Tamika Palmer, Breonna’s mother, said that the family will immediately be pursuing criminal charges.

Who Compensates The Residents?

For the last 100 days, rioters and ‘peaceful’ protestors have been making the city of Louisville a nightmare.  Violent crime is up across the board, with homicides up nearly 40%. 

Among all crimes reported to LMPD this year, there have been year-over-year increases in homicides (+35%), robberies (+27.2%), assaults (+9%), auto theft (+7.2%), according to the preliminary police data. In all, violent crime reports are up 9.8%.

Thanks to the Corona Scare, the police aren’t responding to all types of calls, so while the total number of police actions is down, that’s not because residents are sitting at home peacefully.

Additionally, a Louisville news station provided some good video footage of downtown Louisville after a summer of ‘peaceful’ protesting.  Their commentary on the protesting is typically worthless, but the images speak louder than their leftist propaganda talking points.

Local taxpayers feel trapped between an understandably reluctant police department and rioting protestors roving their downtown areas at all hours.

If this was all to get justice for Breonna Taylor, who is going to get justice for all the people who have suffered from this increase in crime?