Remember When Racist Bloomberg Said He’s “Going Straight To Heaven For His Gun Control Efforts? We do.

Aaaah, if they weren’t so evil, it would be easier to laugh at these insane elites.  What is it about lots of money and a leftist philosophy that makes them lose all touch with reality?

Just this week, New York presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg trended number one on Twitter for his racist rant against minorities.  If you haven’t listened to the most hypocritical ninety seconds of audio you’ve ever heard, you can check it out here.

It’s so ironic because if a gun owner had even hinted at those statistics, they’d be on every major news network, likely fired from their job, and have to spend the next ten years hiding in a hoodie and sunglasses when they left their house.

But when you’re a billionaire leftist, the left will ignore lots of things they normally shriek about.

You Can’t Buy Your Way Into Heaven

But compare these statements from this week with comments Bloomberg made back in 2014.  During an interview with the New York Times, Bloomberg was bragging about his efforts to ban Styrofoam containers, large sodas, and especially his personal crusade for gun control.  Bloomberg said, “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

The arrogance!  This guy is so deluded about his ‘good works!’  Not only are they not ‘good’–it’s evil to grind people beneath your tyrannical boots, Bloomberg!–but he actually thinks that’s how God will view him.  God will see him as the man who finally ended large sodas in New York City once and for all!

You Can’t Buy Your Way Out of Hell

What a joke.  He’ll be known as the man who left thousands of people defenseless against violent crimes.  A man who leaves women vulnerable to rape and murder because they can’t level the playing field by carrying a gun.  The man who was okay with babies being murdered as long as they were really small.  A man who rants about minority crime levels but then pays David Hogg to talk about the racism and oppression of white gun owners.

Pal, we wouldn’t trade places with you on judgement day for all the tea in China.