Maine Braces for Anti-Gun Legislative Session, “Assault Weapon Ban” Proposed

Augusta, ME — A Democratic legislator in Maine has proposed a ban on “Assault Style Weapons” for considering during the legislative session in 2020.

Representative Victoria Morales of South Portland is the bill’s sponsor and proponent.

The bill is titled, “An Act To Prevent Mass Shootings in Maine by Banning Assault-style Weapons” and will be discussed during the 2020 legislative session.

While the bill has a bill number and has been filed, there hasn’t been any actual bill text submitted.

That makes it harder to tell exactly what’s coming for Maine gun owners.

Still, this marks another instance of the phrase “assault style weapon” gaining popularity with the anti-gun crowd.

This phrase allows for a much broader net than just banning AR-15s, etc.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep Morales, is notoriously anti-gun.

She tried to put forward another gun ban earlier in 2019 banning other guns, not just ‘assault style weapons.’

Also, some gun owners might remember her for making headlines back in May for telling the Maine Legislature’s Judiciary committee that passing gun control was necessary because one time, she saw a man with his hand in his pocket and it scared her.

Yeah, she said that.

Still, the use of that phrase is worth watching.

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Joe Biden recently said:

“The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them is absolutely mindless,” said Biden. “It is no violation of the Second Amendment.

It’s uh, it’s just a bow to the special interests of the gun manufacturers and the NRA. It’s got to stop.”

Once you’ve cast such a broad net with a phrase like “assault style weapon,” then all sorts of things are on the table to be banned.

Not just guns, but dozens of plastic gun accessories, magazine capacities, magazine styles.

This can have a trickle-down effect of making hundreds of guns illegal, all while pretending that they’re just after those scary looking “machine guns”.

Gun owners need to put the smack down on cowardly politicians like Morales.

If you’re scared of a man with his hand in his pocket, maybe you don’t have what it takes to be an elected official for thousands of gun owners?

If you can’t govern your district without disarming the citizens in it first, maybe you’re just not fit to be governing?