Viral Sensation Mark Robinson Wins Primary For N.C. Lieutenant Governor

Greensboro, NC–With all the focus on national politics and the exit of Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren, one race in North Carolina is in danger of being overlooked.

But this victory is great news for gun owners.  On Tuesday, Mark Robinson won his primary race for the office of Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.

Gun owners will recall Robinson from his fiery speech in favor of gun rights back in 2018.  After the shooting at Parkland, Fl, the city of Greensboro was considering canceling a gun show that was being held in a city building.  But Mark Robinson stood before the city council of Greensboro and made one hell of a speech in favor of keeping the gun show.

Check out that video here:

In an upset to the anti-gun crowd, Robinson won his primary race in a field of eight candidates.  Typically, in a race with so many candidates, a runoff is almost guaranteed.  But not for Robinson.  He won with a 30% margin, so a runoff isn’t expected.

The real shock to the political class was that Robinson–who has never held political office–was up against a sitting state Senator, Andy Wells!  That Senator put half a million dollars into his campaign, but was no match for Robinson’s appeal with voters.

His down-to-earth speaking style and his obvious sincerity won voters to his cause.  When interviewed after the election, Robinson was as humble as ever, telling reporters, ” “We’re not pretentious. I’m not spreading a political message. I’m spreading a message of strong conservatism.”

Mr. Robinson, it seems the voters of North Carolina are listening to your message!  Keep up the good work!