Socialist Stacey Abrams In San Francisco for Fundraiser with California Liberals

San Francisco, California — Socialist Stacey Abrams will be in San Francisco this Thursday, October 4, 2018, for a fundraiser hosted by a “who’s-who” list of left-wing, California gun-grabbers.

While Socialist Stacey is spending millions of dollars attempting to convince Georgia she is a “moderate”, her record and campaign financiers say otherwise.

Socialist Stacey has received tens of millions of dollars in support from New York liberals like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, as well as California and San Francisco liberals, Tom Steyer, Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips.

While Republican Georgia governor candidate Brian Kemp is currently criss crossing the state on a 27 county, 5-day bus tour, Socialist Stacey will be hanging out in San Francisco with politicians and super wealthy elites who could care less about our gun rights or Georgia values.

Here is the official invite to her San Francisco fundraiser:

Here’s more on Socialist Stacey Abrams: