WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Shreds Dems Gun Control Arguments — Lambasts House For “Constantly” Pushing Gun Control Bills!

Marjorie Taylor Greene came out swinging for gun owners, this morning, during House deliberations over gun control bills H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446.  We’ve reported that H.R. 8 is a Universal Background Checks bill that would make a database of the names and addresses of every single gun owner in the country.  H.R. 1446 is a permanent, ten day waiting period on all gun sales.

Needless to say, MTG wasn’t impressed with the Democrats’ efforts to ram this nasty gun control down the throats of law-abiding Americans.

Check out her comments:

Greene’s comments included:

“The American people have these freedoms for a very good purpose. You see, the right to defend oneself is something that should never require us to be put on a list. It should never require us to pay a tax.  It should never require us to wait to be able to purchase firearm to defend ourselves. It should never require rules or shame or condemnation or shame from another American.  But right now we’re in a time where people are being shamed just for being a gun owner.  Our government is constantly pursuing legal gun owners and making them out to be the bad guys!”

To illustrate her point, Greene explained what gun owners have known for years: criminals are going to commit crimes no matter how many laws they have to break to do so!  Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens bear the brunt of the laws that infringe on their ability to defend themselves and their families!

Speaking directly about H.R. 8, Greene said,

“H.R. 8 requires a background check on gun owners. Everyone knows that a background check  you have to sign up all your information to get the background check done — is actually nothing but a national gun registry list! And everyone knows that a registry list leads to gun confiscation later on.  This is what gun owners know. This is what gun owners fear of a government that may become too tyrannical. Which I’d like to remind you is the whole reason why we have the Second Amendment in the first place! It’s because our brave men and women who founded our country fought against a tyrannical government that was coming to take away their guns!  This is not what we want in America.  We never want a war on our land.  But we also don’t want a government that becomes too controlling and overbearing and takes away the rights of gun owners.  You see, gun rights are American rights!”

Greene lambasted the ‘oppressive gun control laws’ that leave Americans unarmed in the face of violent criminals before her time ran out.

H.R. 8 Is Essential For Any Future Gun Control

This bill, H.R. 8, is the foundation for any other federal gun control that Biden and his socialist, America-hating friends may want to pass later.  After all, without the national database that H.R. 8 would provide them, how would they know who needs to comply with any other new laws?

It’s no exaggeration to say that H.R. 8 is the first step to nationwide gun confiscation — a step that the left has never achieved before!

The Democrats are eagerly pushing all the gun control they can, with Joe Biden promising just over a month ago that he would make Congress act to pass sweeping gun control. The same day, Nancy Pelosi specifically mentioned H.R. 8 as a bill that she wanted Congress to pass!

But more than Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the bill carried over the endorsements it had before it was held over.  Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords, Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action, Sandy Hook Promise and more have all endorsed this bill.

Stand Up With Marjorie Taylor Greene

Greene is doing the job that every elected Republican should be doing — but she can’t do it alone!

There has  to be a grassroots army of gun owners who are speaking up loud and clear to their legislators, helping to drive home Greene’s message!

The American Firearms Association has provided the contact form below.  Please take one minute to send one of their pre-written emails to your federal legislators right now. They need to hear from hundreds of thousands of gun owners — and gun owners know that these bills are racing through the House and will likely be headed to the Senate in a matter of days.