H.R. 8 PASSED COMMITTEE VOTE And Headed For A Vote In The House — Universal Background Checks Bill Would Outlaw Private Gun Sales, Create National Gun Owner Database, More!

Gun owners across the nation have waited since January 20th to see when Joe Biden and the radical anti-gun crowd in Washington, D.C. would try to pass sweeping gun control measures.  It seems like the first major bill has been chosen, with the massive swell of leftist support for California Democrat Mike Thompson’s H.R. 8.  Now the bill appears to be headed for a vote in the House as early as the middle of next week.

We reported on March 2nd when Thompson’s bill was ‘refiled’ after being carried over from the shortened 2019/2020 legislative session. During last year’s effort, the bill passed the Democrat-controlled House but was stopped in the Republican-controlled Senate.

But the bill is back, and carried with it all of the endorsements from it’s first run.  In fact, by March 4th, the bill had already gathered 131 cosponsors.  Then, on Friday, D.C. insiders reported that the bill was going to skip over the House Judiciary Committee entirely, and head straight for a Rules Committee vote on Monday morning.

Today, Nancy Pelosi’s House Rules Committee voted 8 to 3 to pass H.R. 8 and move it to the House floor for a full floor vote!  Insiders in D.C. expect this vote to happen very quickly — likely still in the early part of this week!

This is really bad news for gun owners, though no entirely unexpected from the House.  But it’s not time to give up yet — not by a long shot!

The Fight Is Now

We have reached out to the American Firearms Association in the past, asking them for something our readers can DO to stop these bad gun bills in their states or at the federal level.  This organization is 100% ‘no compromise’ and has completely different tactics and a different approach from other organizations such as the National Rifle Association or the Gun Owners of America.

It’s critical that every gun owner contact their federal legislators and tell them “HELL NO!” to this gun control bill.

To that end, the folks at the American Firearms Association have provided the form below that allows you to email directly to YOUR federal legislators.  They’ve provided several pre-written emails to make it as quick as possible — please take one minute to send your email NOW!