Federal Universal Background Check Bill — H.R. 8 — Stampeding Through Congress After Gathering 131 Cosponsors In Three Days — Gun Owners Need To Make Themselves Heard!

We reported yesterday that California Democrat Mike Thompson had resurrected a ‘popular’  Universal Background Checks bill, H.R. 8.  This bill, filed during the 2019/2020 legislative session moved quickly through the Democrat controlled House but was stalled out by a Republican Senate and the Corona Scare narrowing the focus of the legislative session.

But this is 2021.  The Democrats are eagerly pushing all the gun control they can, with Joe Biden promising less than a month ago on the anniversary of the Parkland shooting that he would make Congress act to pass sweeping gun control.

The same day, Nancy Pelosi specifically mentioned H.R. 8 as a bill that she wanted Congress to pass!

But more than Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the bill carried over the endorsements it had before it was held over.  Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords, Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action, Sandy Hook Promise and more have all endorsed this bill.

This Bill Is Moving FAST!

For gun owners, it can’t be stressed enough that this bill is gaining momentum like crazy!  It was only refiled on March 1st, but this bill had already gathered 80 co-sponsors in the first 48 hours!

As of this morning, has 131 sponsors!  You can click this link to see the number going up in real time!

The left is mobilizing all of their anti-gun supporters, with many of the big anti-gun organizations like Everytown already emailing their supporters and telling them to contact their legislators to demand they pass this bill.

Gun owners, we need to ACT NOW!  Fill out the form below provided to us by the American Firearms Association.  They have several pre-written emails that you can choose from to send directly to your federal legislators.  There is no organization who can stop this bill for us…it will have to be the effort of grassroots gun owners!



Details Of The Bill

This legislation is at the very top of the gun-control agenda being pushed by Nancy Pelosi and Michael Bloomberg, because far from being a ‘harmless’ background check bill, H.R. 8 would create a database of every gun owner in America — then hand it over to Joe Biden!

Worse, H.R.8 would make it a FELONY offense to sell, loan or transfer a firearm to someone without first running a NICS check and adding that person’s name to the government’s database.

Pelosi and Biden’s ultimate goal is to create a system where every transfer of every firearm is run through a government database, to give them the ultimate list of who owns firearms in this country!

Of course, this is necessary first step if they’re going to enact any more gun control in the future because they need to know who the new laws would apply to and who needs to comply with them!

This is a NASTY bill, and is a foundational stepping stone to all the gun control that the anti-gun left has wanted to pass for decades.

Take action!