Gun Thieves Drive Stolen Car Into Front Of Gun Store In Attempted Heist — Maybe There Should Be A Gun Control Law To Stop This, Too?

Novato, CA — Well, that’s one way to avoid a background check!  Police in Novato, CA reported that several thieves drove a car through the front of a local gun store in an attempt to steal some of the store’s merchandise.

CBS San Francisco has the story:

A vehicle plowed through the front of a gun store in Novato early Thursday morning during in what appears to be an unsuccessful robbery attempt.

Novato police said the incident happened at Marin County Arms on the 500 block of Alameda Del Prado. Officers responded to a burglary alarm at 4:52 a.m. and arrived to find a green 1997 Honda CRV had been driven into the front of the building, breaking open the front window in the process.

The store’s owner told KPIX 5 a male suspect tried to steal some rifles, but the vehicle became stuck and was not able to back out of the store. There were four rifles inside the Honda when police arrived, and the owner said it appears nothing was stolen or perhaps just one rifle. The store planned to conduct a full audit of its merchandise later Thursday.

Video surveillance showed a suspect described as a male with light or tan completion, with short dark hair, wearing a black balaclava style mask (ski mask), black and yellow USC Trojans sweatshirt, black pants, and tan colored work boots.

Police reported that they are still looking for the suspect who ran away on foot.

If Only There Were Laws Prohibiting This

If these thieves had been successful, no doubt these guns would have made it into the hands of some of California’s criminal class, and more than likely, been used to commit a crime. And then the radical anti-gun crowd would have tried to ram more gun control down the throats of law-abiding Americans!

Just in the last two weeks, California Democrat Mike Thompson filed H.R. 8, a gun establishing Universal Background Checks — aka, a Universal Gun Owners Database.  A week later, the same night that the House passed Thompson’s bill, California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein filed an ‘assault weapon’ ban.

Meanwhile, right under their noses, criminals just dodge all the extra laws the left can come up with, while forcing law-abiding citizens to jump through hoop after hoop.

We Can Stop This Bill

There is a way for gun owners to stop this nasty H.R. 8 in the Senate.  Chuck Schumer needs 60 votes to pass it, and that means he’ll need every single Democrat and 10 REpublicans to vote it.  Of course, gun owners can’ depend on their Republican Senators as far as they can throw them!

After all, eight Republican members of the House voted for H.R. 8 and what’s worse, TWENTY Republican senators voted just last week to approve Joe Biden’s radical anti-gun Attorney General pick, Merrick Garland!

These Senators need to hear from gun owners that they will NOT tolerate one inch of compromise on this bill!  To that end, the folks at the American Firearms Association have provided the form below that enables our readers to email their Senators legislators directly. They’ve provided several pre-written emails to make it as quick as possible — please take one minute to send your email NOW!