BREAKING: Biden/Bloomberg’s Universal Background Check Bill–H.R. 8–Has Vote Scheduled For MONDAY!

News from Washington, D.C. this morning indicates that the nasty H.R. 8 ‘Universal Background Checks’ bill that we’ve reported on several times this week is moving towards a vote very quickly.

We reported on March 1st that this bill, H.R. 8, is a holdover from the 2019/2020 session, where it passed Nancy Pelosi’s House but was stalled in a Republican Senate.

As of yesterday, the bill had already gathered 131 cosponsors, as well as endorsements from all the major anti-gun organizations.  Everytown, Moms Demand Action, Giffords, Brady, Sandy Hook and dozens of smaller organizations have all endorsed this bill — and told their supporters to tell their legislators to vote for it!

That’s all bad enough, but insiders in D.C. report that the bill will go to the House Rules Committee for a vote on Monday morning at 10:30.

Typically, a bill like this would have to pass the House Judiciary Committee first, but apparently the anti-gun crowd are just going to jump right over that and go straight to the Rules Committee for a vote.

Presuming it passes the Rules Committee, the bill would then go to the floor of the House for a full floor vote.  Keep in mind, this is the same hurdle that H.R. 8 passed in the 2019/2020 session.

This Is The Bill They’ve Been Waiting For!

This bill would outlaw the private sale of firearms.  Instead, every single gun sale would have to be handled by a licensed gun dealer who would run a background check on the buyer.

In the process, the government would be creating a massive database of every single gun owner in the country!

Of course, that last part is the part they care about.  Why?  Because this sort of bill — and it’s resulting database — is essential for the enforcement of any future gun control!

After all, how will they know who has to comply with what, surrender what, etc if they don’t have  list of gun owners that the new laws apply to?


We have reached out to the American Firearms Association in the past, asking them for something our readers can DO to stop these bad gun bills in their states or at the federal level.

This organization is 100% ‘no compromise’ and has a completely different tactic and approach compared to other organizations such as the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and other groups.

It’s critical that every gun owner contact their federal legislators and tell them “HELL NO!” to this gun control bill.

To that end, the folks at the American Firearms Association have provided the form below that allows you to email directly to YOUR federal legislators.  They’ve provided several pre-written emails to make it as quick as possible — please take one minute to send your email NOW!