MISSOURI: SAPA Legislation Sails Through First House Vote, Likely Headed To Senate Yet This Week

Jeff City, MO — Great news for gun owners in Missouri today as Representative Jered Taylor’s House Bill 85 — otherwise known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act or SAPA law — passed the Missouri House today by a vote of 107 to 43!

The bill is expected to go to the Senate for a vote as early as this Friday.  Meanwhile, Senator Eric Burlison has a matching bill in the Senate (SB. 39) that has gathered lots of momentum in that chamber!

This was a LANDSLIDE victory for SAPA legislation, for Missouri’s gun owners, and for Second Amendment stalwart Rep. Jered Taylor. We’ve reported on Taylor’s commitment to gun rights before, and how Missouri’s gun owners are lucky to have two pro-gun champions like Taylor in the House and Eric Burlison in the Senate.

While so many other state’s Republicans seem to have lost their spine, these two fight like dogs for Missouri’s gun rights — and it’s paying off big time in 2021!

In just a week or two, Missouri will have pulled miles ahead of every other red state in standing up against federal gun control.  And before Biden and Harris have passed a single bill affecting gun owners, Missouri is already telling them where to go — and we love it!

What Is SAPA Legislation?

SAPA legislation is based on the well-established ‘anti-commandeering doctrine’ which states that the federal government may not simply ‘commandeer’ the state’s legislative authority and force them to submit to federal laws that conflict with state law.

The idea that the states are separate legal entities that have the right to tell the federal government to pound sand has been upheld by the Supreme Court repeatedly — by conservative and liberal justices alike — going back hundreds of years.

SAPA nullifies federal gun control laws by requiring state law enforcement officers and state officials to only enforce state laws regarding firearms, ammo, and accessories — and only if that state law complies with the Second Amendment.

That means that if Joe Biden and his radical Democrat legislature pass a federal law requiring the confiscation of the AR-15 and all magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammunition, that state’s city, state, and county authorities would be required to ignore it.

And if they tried to enforce federal law anyway — think of some liberal Chief of Police in an urban area — the gun owner whose rights were violated could civilly sue the offending official!

This bill essentially makes the entire state of Missouri into a second amendment sanctuary!

Grassroots Gun Owners Are Changing The Gun Rights Landscape

Burlison and Taylor have been immune to pressure from moderate Republicans to join them in compromising on gun rights in part because the two gun rights champions have worked hand-in-glove with the state’s largest and most powerful gun rights organization, the Missouri Firearms Coalition.

This organization is behind several key primary victories that we reported on earlier this fall.  From kicking out bad RINOs to helping real pro-gun candidates win, MOFC and her members and supporters really flexed their muscle on the political landscape in 2020.

Thanks to political protection from MOFC — and the fact that tens of thousands of gun owners in the state are kept up to day by the gun group — the two legislators were able to plow past any moderate Republicans who might have wanted to water down the bill.

Is Your State Next?

SAPA legislation — the idea of making your entire state immune to federal gun control — is the future of the gun rights fight.  NOW is the time to put pressure on your legislators and DEMAND they push SAPA legislation in your state!

The future of the gun rights fight lies with grassroots gun owners holding their politicians’ feet to the fire.  Things are just getting warmed up, but it’s clear that Missouri is leading the charge!