Jen Psaki: Biden “Would Love To See Action” On Gun Control, Is Considering Bills Filed – Including H.R. 127

On Thursday, Joe Biden’s White House press secretary Jen Psaki told an NBC reporter that the President would “would love to see action” on gun control.

NBC’s Peter Alexander said, ” The President promised to act on day one on this issue, of we know there is only so much he can do by executive action on it,” he said. “Where does this fall on his legislative priorities?”

To which Psaki replied, “As Vice President, and even before that, the President took on the NRA twice and won. This is an issue he is personally committed to, many in this building are personally committed to, I think he would love to see action on additional gun safety measures to protect families and children.”

Looking for more specifics, Alexander asked if Biden would “take action and put something before Congress?”

Psaki replied that she ‘believes there are some proposals before Congress already.’

Of course, the biggest gun control bill filed in Congress so far as been Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee’s awful H.R.127.  We reported last week on some of the specifics of that bill.

Among other things, it would:

1. Mandate the registration of all firearms AND ammunition across the country!
2. BAN .50 caliber ammo!
3. Require MENTAL HEALTH exams in order to buy a gun or ammo!
4. BAN all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
5. Establish a National Ammo Registry so the government knows who own what ammo.
6. Mandate Civil Liability insurance for gun owners.
7. Make gun owners pay $800 PER YEAR to get a national “license” to own a firearm or ammo. Joe Biden himself has already suggested a tax like this — totaling $34 BILLION dollars in new taxes on gun owners.

This bill is a nightmare for gun owners and would effectively destroy the Second Amendment if it passed into law!

Fight Back With The American Firearms Association

If Joe Biden’s press secretary is implying the President is considering THIS legislation, things could get very ugly for gun owners very quickly.

We need EVERY single Republican legislator to stand up against this RIGHT NOW.  The way to do that is to tell our elected representatives that gun owners will not tolerate one single inch of compromise on this bill — or any other federal gun control!

You can save some time by signing this petition from the American Firearms Association!  Your petition will go directly to YOUR legislators, telling them to STAND UP against H.R.127 or any other gun control bills that Joe Biden wants to see passed!