Iowa: Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced By House Republicans — Gun Owners Have A Narrow Window To GET THIS DONE!

Des Moines, IA — We reported two weeks ago that Iowa had seen a rock-solid Constitutional Carry bill filed by Representative Jeff Shipley.  But the word at the Capitol in Des Moines this morning is that the Republican caucus is going to file a Constitutional Carry bill of their own today — and they plan to get it moving!

Representative Jeff Shipley’s bill apparently got something to click in the minds of Iowa’s Republican legislators — after all, they had very intentionally shot down similar bills several years in a row.

But 2020 changed everything in the minds of gun owners and they’re not putting up with spineless moderate Republicans any more — especially in ‘red’ states!

Because of the nationwide momentum to advance gun rights, the weak-willed Republicans in Iowa couldn’t drag their feet anymore without facing intense political backlash.

That said, insiders expect Republican Majority Leader of the House Matt Windschitl to introduce the Republican caucus’ own version of a Constitutional Carry bill sometime today.

Things Could Move Fast

Typically, a bill like this would go to a subcommittee and then up for a committee vote before going to the full House floor for a vote.

But insiders say that even if the bill goes the typical route, they still expect  it move quickly, as legislatures across the country are worried about the potential for Covid related closures.

These shutdowns cut the legs out from under several great gun bills last year, along with many other ‘pet’ bills that legislators were working on for their constituents.  Because of the threat of that happening again, legislators across the country have been prioritizing their most important bills and moving them quickly.

It’s Been “About Time” For Years!

If passed, Iowa would join half a dozen other states pushing for ‘permitless carry’ after the roller coaster of 2020.

Gun owners nationwide watched last year as dozens of states experienced months-long delays in issuing concealed carry permits. With government offices closed during the Corona Scare, gun owners were just out of luck.

Right when Americans wanted to carry a gun more than ever, a government employee was working from home and couldn’t process their paperwork!

Iowa’s gun owners have been demanding this legislation for years before all the chaos of 2020 happened. After all, surrounding state like Missouri and South Dakota had already passed Constitutional Carry years ago!

Unfortunately, Iowa’s Republican leadership never wanted to touch the legislation, even refusing to let the bills come up for a vote!

All it took was a global pandemic, ‘two weeks (or two years?) to flatten the curve, 21 million guns sold, 8 million new first-time gun owners, an election that more than 47% of Americans think was fraudulent, Sleepy Joe Biden issuing 41 executive orders within just over a month of taking office, and a Congresswoman filing the worst gun control bill in our nation’s history to get them to see daylight!

In reality, moderate Republicans across the country would still be happily ignoring gun bills if gun owners weren’t speaking up LOUDLY nationwide.

Grassroots Gun Owners Are Getting It Done

Gun owners are making it clear that if their legislators aren’t going to fight for gun owners, they might as well pack up their desks come the next election cycle.

And that’s only part of what it’s going to take to pass these good gun bills.  Gun owners in Iowa — and every other state working to expand and advance their gun rights — need to realize that this is a small window of opportunity.  THIS is the moment to push louder, harder and faster than they’ve ever pushed before!

Thankfully, Iowans have a powerhouse of a gun rights organization, the Iowa Gun Owners.  This group is responsible for the state’s Stand-Your-Ground law, passed in 2017 and with booting out some of the most powerful anti-gun politicians in the state’s history.

It’s their work clearing the field that makes the eventual passage of ANY Constitutional Carry bill possible!  And they do all this by mobilizing their members and supporters to hammer on the legislators via phone calls, tens of thousands of emails and petitions, as well as through hard-hitting digital and social media ad campaigns.

This effort looks like it’s going to pay off BIGLY and we’re stoked to watch it!

Iowans: Get Involved HERE!

If you are an Iowa resident, please take thirty seconds to send one of the pre-written emails provided to us by Iowa Gun Owners in this handy tool below.  This is an awesome way for gun owners to make themselves heard — and we’re happy to help you put the heat on these moderate Republicans!