2021 Sees Gun Rights Momentum: Iowa Representative Files Constitutional Carry Bill!

Photo:  Aaron Dorr of Iowa Gun Owners, left with Rep. Jeff Shipley, right, in the Iowa Capitol building in this undated file photo.

Des Moines, IA — One Iowa Congressman apparently saw the ‘writing on the wall’ that so many gun owners were forced to see in 2020 and is trying to change Iowa’s concealed carry law as a result.

Representative Jeff Shipley, a Republican from District 82, recently filed H.F. 250, a bill that would do away with the requirement for a concealed carry permit, making Iowa a ‘Constitutional Carry’ state.

These ‘permitless’ carry bills are being filed across the country after dozens of states experienced months-long delays in issuing concealed carry permits in 2020.  With government offices closed during the Corona Scare of 2020, gun owners were told they were just out of luck.

Right when Americans wanted to carry a gun more than ever, a government employee was working from home and couldn’t process their paperwork!

Constitutional Carry is the answer to the problem that tens of thousands of gun owners faced in 2020 — as Representative Shipley and others have realized!

This legislation would allow any Iowan to concealed carry without a permit so long as they met the existing criteria: are not felons, are not underage, have not been found to be mentally unfit by a court of law, etc.

Unless you’re already exempt from owning a gun, you can legally carry one without a permit!

Support From A Powerful Ally

Representative Shipley’s bill has gotten support from Iowa’s largest and most powerful Second Amendment organization, Iowa Gun Owners.

This grassroots organization has a ‘no holds barred’ approach to the political arena and is responsible for passing the state’s Stand Your Ground law back in 2017.

The organization, headed by Executive Director Aaron Dorr, has supported Constitutional Carry legislation in the past, but are optimistic that 2021 will be the year that gun owners make their voices heard loud and clear.

When reached for comment, Dorr said:

“Iowa’s gun owners have demanded this legislation for years while moderates drug their feet and refused to pass Constitutional Carry. But the events of 2020 lit a fire in gun owners across the country and in Iowa to finally get the job done.  We’re happy to have Representative Shipley leading the charge, here. After a summer of burning, rioting and looting, gun owners are done with the stall tactics and we’re confident that gun owners wishes won’t be ignored in the Iowa Capitol this time around!”

Earlier this week we reported that Utah had become the seventeenth state to pass ‘permitless’ or Constitutional Carry.  Their governor is expected to sign the bill into law by the end of the week.

Last Year’s Legacy Isn’t All Bad

Last year was a horror show in a hundred ways, but parts of it were good for America and good for gun owners.

After all, 2020 saw  8.4 million first time gun owners, 23 million guns sold and record high ammunition sales!

But more importantly, tens of millions of Americans have woken up to the fact that a big government is not their friend.  Gun owners are motivated and are getting involved to help restore America and hold back the tide of radical leftist policies.

For Iowans, it looks like that starts with passing Constitutional Carry in 2021!

Get involved!  If you’re an Iowa resident, sign this petition provided by Iowa Gun Owners to let your legislators know that you want them to PASS Representative Shipley’s Constitutional Carry bill in 2021!