Second Amendment Preservation Act Legislation: Objections Asked And Answered

We’ve written a lot lately about SAPA or Second Amendment Preservation Act legislation.   We explained how it works and how we think it will be the ‘next big thing’ in the fight against federal gun control.

Legislators in Missouri have already filed their version and it’s taking off, gathering 30 co-sponsors in just ten days!

Gun owners are well aware that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are just hours away from being installed in the White House.  That means it could only be a matter of days until the left passes some of the worst anti-gun legislation ever.  We know Joe Biden wants to ban AR-15s, pass a universal background check law, and much, much more!

What can gun owners do?  Will SAPA really help pro-gun states hold the line?

This article is intended to answer some of those questions — and hopefully our readers will see why we think that this legislation is going to be the future of the fight against federal gun control!

What Is SAPA Legislation?

SAPA legislation is based off the Constitutional anti-commandeering doctrine, which acknowledges the fact that the states are individual, sovereign entities and that the federal government can’t simply commandeer their legislative process.

Okay, sounds great — what does that mean?  It means that the states have an absolute right to reject to comply with and refuse to enforce Joe Biden’s federal gun control laws, since they don’t work for the federal government!

Once implemented, SAPA law would nullify federal gun control laws by requiring a state’s law enforcement officers to only enforce state laws regarding firearms, ammo, and accessories — and only if state law complies with the Second Amendment!

Objections And Answers

Before gun owners throw their weight behind new legislation like SAPA, it’s a good idea to think through the most common objections — or to answer follow-up questions — that might come up.

We think this handles a fair number of them, but are open to hearing any new ones.

Question #1: Would SAPA law prevent a state’s law enforcement officers from being involved in task force work that involves local and federal authorities?
Answer: No, nothing in this bill would prevent a state’s officers from working in a joint task force.

Question #2: Would SAPA legislation prevent federal authorities from enforcing federal gun control laws in a state?
Answer: No, this legislation is only applicable to that specific state’s peace officers. But many law enforcement officers will tell you that the enforcement of federal law has always fallen to local authorities. That would cease under SAPA law.

Question #3:  Wouldn’t SAPA legislation make it easier for criminals to avoid prosecution for violent crimes related to guns?
Answer: Not at all. State law already prohibits the same sorts of violent crimes (murder, robbery, aggravated assault, etc.) related to guns that federal law does.

Question #4: Why does SAPA law require that a state’s law enforcement officers to ignore all federal gun laws, not just new ones that violate the Second Amendment?
Answer: To be consistent, it’s important that SAPA law treat all federal gun laws the same.

Question #5: How would this stop an anti-gun police chief from enforcing federal gun control?
Answer: The bill we will be bringing forward allows individual gun owners to bring government officials who violate their rights to civil court on their own initiative to seek relief.

Question #6: Would other government officials — like an anti-gun mayor who orders his police department to ignore SAPA and enforce federal gun control laws — get off scot-free under this law?
Answer: No, any government official who violates SAPA law would be in violation of the law and open to civil lawsuits from the impacted gun owner.

Question #7: Why does this legislation use civil fines as the remedy for gun owners who are victimized by government officials who violate SAPA law? Why not have the AG bring criminal charges?
Answer: Because that simply will not happen. First of all, many AG’s are radically anti-gun, even if their legislature isn’t.  But even in states with a Republican Attorney General, there’s just no way to know that they would have the political guts to intervene on behalf of gun owners.  What does it gain them?

Red States Refuge

Gun owners in states that haven’t gone radically to the left yet can see the writing on the wall.  It’s not a matter of D.C. Democrats talking big about gun control but just blowing smoke, anymore.

These aren’t just click-bait title threats.  They’re real — and gun owners are wide awake to that fact that Joe Biden and the radical anti-gun cabinet members he’s chosen will do everything they can to crush the Second Amendment while they’re in power.

Because of that threat, we hope to see several states file SAPA legislation of their own in the coming weeks!