What’s Next For Gun Owners In 2021!

Millions of gun owners watched the events of yesterday unfold, either on a screen or in person.  But whether yesterday’s events were staged, foolish, or the work of Antifa infiltrators, one thing is clear: Joe Biden will be sworn in as President in less than two weeks.

In the wake of both Georgia Senate seats flipping blue on Tuesday, Chuck Schumer will become the Senate Majority Leader in the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi will maintain her position as Speaker of the House, as well.  This all means that the most radical anti-American legislators in America’s history now control all three branches of the legislature.

This is not the outcome gun owners hoped for.  A sense of foreboding covers the gun world today: they know they are in for the fight of their lives for their gun rights.

But in that fight, we see three things that could give gun owners reason to be hopeful.

Three Rays Of Hope In The Gun World

The 2020 election cycle capped off a year that helped gun owners cut through a bunch of crap from GOP leadership and their sellout gun rights organizations.  Out of the ashes are coming new voices and new tactics in the fight for our gun rights!

  1.  Marjorie Taylor Greene

    This rookie Congresswoman from Georgia’s 14th Congressional district is on FIRE for gun rights!  She’s is also the talk of Washington, D.C. already!

    Greene represents the best of gun owners: she is 100% fearless in the face of the establishment, and doesn’t mind taking arrows in the back from RINOs and just plain cowardly Republicans.  She represents the new era of pro-gun politicians.

    We’ve said for years that gun owners need to STOP electing ‘pro-gun’ legislators that don’t have the spine to really fight for our gun rights.

    Getting a mailer during election season from a weak-looking, cookie-cutter candidate wearing blaze orange in a random field is NOT a reason to vote for somebody!

    We’ve written before about the worthlessness of the NRA’s ratings system.  It’s time to be done with the old tactics of fighting for our gun rights!

    Marjorie Taylor Greene and her no-holds-barred, relentless style IS the future of this fight!

  2. The Fall Of Outdated And Compromised Gun Groups

    Gun owners watched as the cowardly RINOs and groups like the NRA not only failed to hold the line, but openly headed left in the last four years.

    Don’t forget that in the first two years of the Trump administration, the NRA completely sold out on bump stocks and Red Flag gun seizure laws!

    When the Republicans controlled ALL THREE branches of the government, the NRA gave ground to the anti-gun left!

    At the same time, the NRA didn’t accomplish one single thing for gun owners legislatively while we had that powerful trifecta!  They sat back and let then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan twiddle his thumbs without advancing any gun bills of any kind!

    No National Reciprocity, no SHUSH Act, nothing!  The same Republicans who didn’t have the guts to pass pro-gun legislation didn’t lift a finger to roll back any of the federal gun control that’s already on the books!

    The NRA and the establishment RINOs sat around and gave each other high fives and ‘A’ ratings — while they were busy stabbing gun owners in the back!

    But 2020 has pulled the wool off the eyes of gun owners.

    It wasn’t just the NRA’s compromise with the left that came to the front.  Gun owners learned about the corruption and greed that have overtaken the organization.

    Gun owners realize that even if Wayne LaPierre is given the boot, it would be years before the NRA was a lean, mean, fighting organization again.

    But that’s not all bad.  We’ve been saying for a long time that the OLD tactics of gun politics aren’t working.  They’re dead. They’re ineffective.  The Left has a whole new bag of tricks, and gun owners need to get with the program and change up their game — and fast!

    Rising behind the bloated carcass of the NRA is the rapidly growing American Firearms Association.  A 100% no-compromise national gun rights organization, this group is led by rock-solid defenders of the Second Amendment.  They are exactly the sort of fighters that gun owners have always hoped the NRA would be.

    They use effective, confrontational tactics, along with cutting edge social media campaigns — and it’s obvious that they’re not in town to make friends with the parasite political class!

  3.  The Spread of SAPA Legislation

    We’ll be talking about state-level ‘Second Amendment Preservation Act’ or SAPA legislation a lot in the coming days, but here’s a quick breakdown.

    Essentially, it’s a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary Law’ for an entire state.  Instead of weak or ineffective county level ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ resolutions, SAPA legislation is a state level answer to the problem of federal gun control.

    With Biden and Harris heading to the White House, Red States like Missouri are leading the fight to pass SAPA legislation that would nullify ALL federal gun control — past, present and future — at their state border.

    Where county-level resolutions placed the burden of staving off federal gun control squarely on poorly-funded county officials, SAPA takes that fight to the state level, instead!

    SAPA law nullifies federal gun control by not allowing a single penny of state money to be used to enforce federal gun control.  No state police can enforce it, no county sheriffs, nobody.

    Further, the wording of the Missouri SAPA legislation ensures that if any official DOES violate the SAPA law, they can be civilly sued for the violation!

    Instead of making the state Attorney General defend the gun owner — as most county-level sanctuary resolutions did — SAPA makes each and every officer, administrator and official who dares to enforce federal gun control law take a personal risk of being sued.

    We’ll write more about this later in the week, but we think that SAPA style legislation is about to sweep across the country — especially in historically Red states!

Don’t Give Up — Get Involved

It’s okay to be disappointed after after the injustices of the last few weeks. But giving up or retreating is NOT the answer.  Instead, gun owners need to get INVOLVED at a state level.

Find a state level gun group that’s ready to fight like a dog for your gun rights and if there isn’t one, take a look at some of the new national organizations out there.   Find one that hates sellout Republicans as much as they hate anti-gun Democrats and join up!

Gun owners are still the most potent political force in the country.  But instead of letting others do the legwork for us as we’ve been able to do in the past, every last gun owners needs to stand up and be counted in 2021!