Terry Meza: What Other Gun Control Bills Does This Radical Texas Rep. Have In Store For Gun Owners?

The internet was up in arms this week over a viral Facebook post about Texas Democrat Representative Terry Meza’s H.B. 196.  The viral image claimed that Meza intended to gut Texas’s Castle Doctrine, but we reported yesterday how the bill does NOT touch Castle doctrine but DOES repeal large portions of Texas’s current Stand-Your-Ground law.  If you haven’t read that, check it out.

That said, gun owners shouldn’t let the one piece of misinformation throw them off the scent of anti-gun radical Terry Meza.

Thresa, “Terry” Meza hates Texas’s gun rights — and the bills she has filed for this upcoming 2021 election cycle are a nightmare for gun owners!

They include:

  • H.B. 164 — A ‘Red Flag gun seizure’ bill, this nasty version bill would allow just about anybody a Texan gun owner knows to file an Emergency Risk Protection Order against them.  The worst part?  If passed, this would allow a recent purchase of guns or ammunition to be used as proof in the hearing to take Texans’ guns away!  That’s just about every single Texan in 2020.
  • H.B. 172 — An “Assault Weapons” ban, this bill that would make it a crime to own or sell an AR-15 or hundreds of other semi-automatic rifles in the state of Texas.
  • H.B. 178 — A “High Capacity Magazine” ban, this bill would make it a crime to own any magazine over 10 rounds!
  • H.B. 185 —  A “Safe Storage” bill, this would make it a crime to store any gun outside of a gun safe.  The bill provides no exceptions — not even for an active crime in progress!
  • H.B. 196 — This bill repeals large portions of Texas’s Stand-Your-Ground bill and is the one that the viral meme confused as repealing Castle Doctrine.  It would create a duty to retreat if you’re out in public, in church — basically anywhere outside your home!
  • H.B. 201  — This bill seeks to ban concealed carry on college campuses.
  • H.B. 208 — Meza wants to make it a crime to build what the left calls a ‘ghost gun.’  This bill bans all 80% lowers, all home builds, etc.
  • H.B. 218 – Would demand universal background checks with exceptions only for immediate family.  Want to sell a hunting buddy your old shotgun? That’d be illegal!

As you can see, while the data in the  viral meme was wrong, the creator was DEAD ON to call out Representative Meza as one of the most radical anti-gun politicians ever elected — likely ever — in the state of Texas!

We’ve been warning that Michael Bloomberg has his sites set on Texas — and wants to get something for his multi-million dollar investment.  It looks like he’s finally found a radical willing to do his dirty work for him, after all!

The Virginia Playbook

Representative Meza is running an old leftist play.  They file lots of bills, knowing that not all of them are going to pass — they just want a couple to stick!

But they file lots of bills in hopes that moderate Republicans will compromise and ‘meet them halfway’ on at least one or two of the bills.

Sure, Meza might have to water hers down, but she’ll have accomplished her real goal: advancing the gun control agenda with the help of weak Republicans!

As more and more non-native Texans move into the state from California, Massachusetts and other liberal states, she knows that Republicans will be worried.

These Republicans don’t want to appear too conservative  — or else they won’t convince these new Texas voters to elect them!  So, being spineless and gutless, they ooze left. It’s easy for them, since their real goal is just to keep their seat.  Meza is just happy to be the fulcrum point that pushes them that way!

This is the exact playbook the left used in Virginia and it worked perfectly.

The heat is on, Texas!  It’s time to hop out of the pot and do what Texans do best: FIGHT TYRANTS.