Democrat Representative In Texas Files Bill That Would Destroy Stand-Your-Ground Law — One Of Dozens Of Gun Control Bill Facing Texans

Irving, TX —  Texas gun owners have a problem.  A rapid influx of non-native Texans has led to the election of several radical anti-gun leftists.

This week’s anti-gun nut is Democrat Representative Terry Meza.  Meza represents the Dallas suburbs of Irving and Grand Prairie — cities with a combined total population of 175,000.  Like so many other red states, Texas’s urban areas are moving leftwards at a rapid pace.

That’s how Terry Meza has gotten away with filing some of the most radical gun control Texas has ever seen.  She’s filed half a dozen, but the worst of which might be H.B. 196, which would dramatically change the current Stand-Your-Ground law Texans already enjoy.

Contrary to a viral internet meme this week, Meza’s bill wouldn’t affect Texas’s Castle Doctrine.  Texans would still have the right to defend their lives if they were attacked in their home, or car.

We reported on this last week, but the viral meme prompted us to clarify once again.  There’s no sense in falsely alarming Texans about a fake threat when the real threat is worse!

What H.B. 196 DOES do is gut the current Stand-Your-Ground law, removing the legal protections for using your gun to defend yourself OUTSIDE your home.

Texans, of course, immediately recall their local hero Jack Wilson, who was able to save dozens of lives in December of 2019 when he was able to use his gun to stop a madman who had begun a shooting spree in a church in White Settlement, TX.

Jack Wilson would be in prison under Meza’s bill, because Stand-Your-Ground law would only apply in your home, not when you’re out at a restaurant, in a parking lot, at church, or any of the hundreds of other places Texans go in their daily lives.

Meza tried to clear up the confusion:

Of course, her ‘clearing  it up’ only made Texans more aware of her radicalism.  Her bill WOULD force Texans to try to retreat in the face of a violent attacker — and she doesn’t even pretend otherwise!

Additionally, Meza’s H.B. 196 would remove the right to use deadly force if the crime being committed was “only” aggravated robbery.

That is, if a group of violent rioters and looters come into your place of business, you couldn’t use your gun to defend your livelihood!  Meza tries to pretend that it’s about “yard ornaments.”

If she wants to pull up a comprehensive list of people who have been shot by Texans for stealing “yard ornaments”, we are happy to wait.

Meza Is Throwing Spitballs At The Wall, But Texans Beware!

Meza has filed several bills, including  HB178 , a bill that prohibits the possession and transfer of a firearm magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

“High-capacity magazines are largely unnecessary in regards to hunting and self defense,” she wrote in a letter detailing her legislative plans. “If it takes you more than ten shots to hit the animal you’re hunting, you probably shouldn’t be hunting.”

Meza is doing what so many leftists do.  They file lots of bills, knowing that not all of them are going to pass.  They just one a couple to stick!

But they file a lot in hopes that moderate Republicans will compromise and ‘meet them halfway’ on at least one or two of the bills.  Meza might have to water hers down, but she’ll have accomplished her real goal: advancing the gun control agenda with the help of weak Republicans.

As more and more non-native Texans move into the state from California, Massachusetts and other liberal states, she knows that Republicans will be worried.

These Republicans don’t want to appear too conservative or they won’t convince these new Texas voters to elect them!  So, being spineless and gutless, they ooze left.  It’s easy for them, since their real goal is just to keep their seat.

So they shift left — and Meza is happy to be the fulcrum point that pushes them that way.

The time to stand up for your gun rights is RIGHT NOW, Texans.  This is the exact playbook the left took in Virginia and it worked perfectly. We know that Bloomberg has his eye on Texas and wants to get something for his multi-million dollar investment.

The heat is on. It’s time to hop out of the pot and do what Texans do best: FIGHT TYRANTS.