Portland’s Anti-Cop City Councilwoman Says She Called Cops On Lyft Driver Because Of “White Supremacists”

Portlan, Or — We reported over the weekend how Portland City Councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty had called the cops on her Lyft driver after he refused to roll the windows up in the car she was riding in.   The irony wasn’t lost on gun owners or Americans across the country.

After all, Jo Ann Hardesty was a leading advocate –just this month– for cutting $18 million dollars from the Portland Police Department budget!

The Background

Hardesty was using a Lyft ride share on November 1st when her driver, Richmond Frost, declined to roll his windows up.  Lyft has recommended their drivers leave their car windows down to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.

But Hardesty wasn’t happy about it.  According to Frost, she grew ‘irate’.  Frost cancelled her ride and pulled into a nearby gas station so she could order another ride.

Hardesty then called 911 on the driver, saying, “Well, I’ve got a Lyft driver that decided he would just drop me off at a filling station. Well, I’m not getting out of the car, in the dark, at a filling station, not happening. All because I asked him to put the window up. I’m not leaving.”

The driver also called 911, saying that “I’ve got a customer that I canceled the ride. I’m a rideshare driver and I canceled the ride, and I’ve taken her off the freeway to this filling station so that she can order another ride.”

When You’re In A Hole, Stop Digging

But after her story went viral — and she got called out for her hypocrisy — Hardesty came back swinging from the hard left.

She called 911 that day because of  “white supremacists.”

At a city council meeting that took place on November 12th, Hardesty used her own interaction with her Lyft driver to claim that “white supremacy” was alive and well.

During a November 12, 2020, Portland city council meeting Hardesty described the Lyft incident as “another example of being black in America and being put in a position where I have to be the one to look out for my personal safety.”

Of course, she couldn’t stop there.

Hardesty continued, “When you’re living in a city where white supremacists are proudly riding around in their big trucks with their flags and you’re a black person and somebody wants to put [you] on the side of the road at night. Not gonna happen.”

That’s right.  We all have seen the footage of White Supremacists terrorizing the city of Portland all summer, right?

Let’s Drop The Charades

The left wants to go on pretending. To keep gaslighting Americans to what is going on in front of our own eyes.

They like pretending that their shock troops, Antifa, aren’t real but that violent bands of white supremacists are rioting and looting all over America.

They pretend to care about “saving lives” and “what about the children” and etc while advocating for the murder of babies in their mother’s wombs.

The party that advocates for disbanding the police calls the cops because their city streets aren’t safe to walk at night!

They pretend their media is telling the truth and the right is all liars.  Gun owners are violent and dangerous, but rioting mobs of Black Lives Matter radicals destroying businesses are just peaceful protestors.

Kenosha’s Kyle Rittenhous is a murderer but nobody has heard of Adrian Coronel or Marquise Asomani.

Gun owners, they are coming for your gun rights.  Be it one inch at a time or in one fell swoop like in Virginia, but either way, the radical left is working tirelessly to DESTROY the Second Amendment.

It’s time to stand up, be counted, and get involved in the fight for our gun rights!