Anti-Gun Virginia Attorney General Blocks Gun Show, “Selling Guns Just Not Worth It” — Meanwhile Thousands Stream Into Walmart, Home Depot During Corona Scare

Richmond, VA — Virginia’s Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring is proud of stomping on the gun rights of Virginians.  On Thursday, the radical bragged about restricting a Fairfax County gun show, citing concerns about the Corona virus and tweeting that “selling guns is just not worth it.”

The organizers of the famous “Nation’s Gun Show” had pursued an injunction against the restrictions that Democrat Governor Ralph Northam unilaterally imposed on the citizenry .

The current restrictions would cap attendance at 250 people in the building at one time.  The show has historically drawn upwards of 25,000 attendees throughout the three-day weekend of November 20-22.

The Attorney General argued to keep the event capped, going so far as to say the organizers were “brazenly misinformed” about the dangers of the Corona Scare.

In his brief written to the court, Herring said, “The ongoing pandemic has infected more than 200,000 Virginians since March and has killed nearly 4,000 — more than four times the number of automobile fatalities that occurred in all of 2019.”

The Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Brett A. Kassabian agreed with herring and confirmed that the restrictions would stay in place.

Corona Isn’t The Only Threat Americans Are Facing

How like a Democrat to make unilateral decisions that limit the right of American citizens!

Mark Herring doesn’t care that there could be tens of thousands of Virginians who are MORE worried about their lack of a weapon to defend themselves than they are about catching a virus.

And gun owners might remember that this same Attorney General is the one who proudly bragged that “Second Amendment sanctuaries won’t stop gun control.”

He even tried to say that the sanctuary movement that saw more than 95% of the state rejecting gun control from Richmond was “ginned up” by the pro-gun lobby!  “The resolutions that are being passed are being ginned up by the gun lobby to try to scare people.”  Herring made that comment the same week that other Virginia Democrats threatened to use the military to impose Northam’s new gun control on the citizens if they would not comply.

A Petty Tyrant

Herrings exultant tone shows him to be unfit for the office he holds.  Anybody who would cheer about destroying the rights of the citizens who sign his paycheck should not be in power.  Even if he legitimately believed the Corona Virus to be a threat worthy of this level of draconian action, he didn’t project regret at ‘having’ to stomp on legitimate, law-abiding gun owners.

No, he took pleasure in his victory.  He bragged about it.

Gun owners, the left hates you.  They hate your way of life.  Your family, your country, and everything you hold dear.  Never, ever forget it.