WATCH THIS: U-Haul Truck Full Of Protestors Unloads In Downtown Louisville After Breonna Taylor Ruling — WHO IS FUNDING THIS?

We reported just hours ago that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced this afternoon that the three police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor will not be facing charges in her death.  One officer has been charged with ‘wanton endangerment’ for recklessly shooting into the apartment next to Taylor’s.

Leading up to this announcement, the city of Louisville had been preparing for the fallout by placing barricades around the downtown, and more.  The chief of police declared the city was under a State of Emergency on Monday.  To that end, all vacation and time off requests in the police and fire departments were being cancelled.  Additionally, a 24 block area of the downtown has been almost entirely boarded up by plywood sheets.

Just hours later, watch what’s happening in downtown Louisville:

Locals on the ground are claiming that this U-haul was rented by one Holly Zollar, a local woman who works as a “Bail Disruptor.”

Another local claims that Zoller’s Bail Disruptor organization’s board members were “Soros fellows.”

For those who don’t follow lunatics like this, a bail disruptor is a social justice warrior who works to have criminals released onto the streets.  Especially if they’re minorities, illegal immigrants, or in some other way can feed into their Messiah Complex.  These bail disruptors were behind the national push to empty America’s jails and prisons ahead of the Covid scare.

In this audio recording, Holly Zollar admits to renting and driving the U-Haul truck filled with “supplies” to the protestors in downtown Louisville.

Is the national media going to pick up on this?  Of course not!  They need to keep pretending that these are spontaneous protests, but it’s obvious to most of the country that they’re not.