Defunding The Police Has Seen Violent Crime Skyrocket In NYC, Chicago As Gun Control Fails On National Stage

For decades, the anti-gun left’s bread-and-butter has been calling for nationwide gun control and outright gun bans.  Gun owners won’t forget how the leftists cheered when presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke answered “Hell yes!” to the question of whether or not cops would go door to door confiscating guns in the event of an AR-15 ban under his administration.

But a few short months later, the left is screeching about how the police and America’s entire system of justice is inherently and systemically racist.  Not just that, but it needs to be dismantled!  Defunded!

What Happened?  Exactly What You’d Expect

In response to these calls to dismantle the police, crime is rising in every single big Democrat run city — despite them already having all the gun control they want for the rest of the country.

Take New York City, for example.  They’ve prided themselves as being ‘tough on crime’ for decades, but after Mayor Bill DeBlasio disbanded the 600-officer plainclothes anti-crime unit, it’s hard to make the claim, anymore.

Since that time, the city has seen more shootings already in 2020 than in all of 2019 combined — this with a almost a third of the year to go.   Ten days ago already the city had passed 1,000 shootings for the year!

Meanwhile, in Chicago, over a month ago on August first, homicides were already up 50% over last year — and 139% in July alone!  In fact, every facet of violent crime has increased in Chicago:  the number of homicides, number of shooting victims in general, the number of incidents, etc.  In 2019, Chicago saw 1,480 shooting victims, and already has 2,240 as of August 1st.  Even shooting incidents themselves rose 47 percent (from 1,210 to 1,783).

While Lori Lightfoot tries to blame Indiana and other states for her city’s crime problem, the colossal failure of the left’s gun control is basically a joke at this point.

In Philadelphia, more than 100 kids have been shot this year.  In Atlanta, the Mayor who has openly supported the idea of defunding the police can’t figure out why the crime rate is soaring!  In Seattle, where Chief Carmen Best has stepped down and the police have been told to let the antifa thugs run rampant, widespread property destruction and violence are higher than ever.

And this time, the entire nation is watching.

Gun Control Gets A Black Eye

Gun control has failed.  On a national stage, these big cities have proven for millions of Americans that background checks, waiting periods, eliminating concealed carry laws, putting a laborious class and fees in front of gun ownership and more…don’t stop criminals.

And in the case of New York City, the ENTIRE mess is a result of their own leftist legislators!

First they make it nearly impossible for regular Joe citizens to legally carry a gun to protect themselves.

Secondly, their leftist policies of releasing criminals once they’ve been caught lets them stay on the streets to keep committing more crime while they wait for their trial. 

And finally, defunding the police and disbanding anti-crime units just ensure that even fewer criminals ever face justice at all!

The left’s ideas are completely bankrupt! And thanks to the crazy ride that 2020 has been, more Americans see that than ever before.