Seattle Defunded Their Police — Here’s How That’s Worked Out

Seattle, WA — When the phrase ‘defund the police’ first hit the media airwaves, most sane people involved in city government in America just laughed.  But in Seattle, city leaders and the leftist citizens praised as the smartest thing anybody had ever heard.

But things aren’t so rosy in Seattle, anymore. Defunding the police has left the city at the mercy of rioters and looters.

Last week, the Seattle City Council voted to slash funding for the police department, leading the city’s first black female police chief to resign. The council defunded the police even after antifa rioters had wreaked havoc on the city in the name of racial justice. In one particularly memorable case, rioters used a van loaded with explosives to blow open a police station. On Sunday, rioters fired explosives at police, wounding at least three of them. Some businesses in the city have had enough.

With no cops around, people stand back and watch violent looters destroying private property on a daily basis.

In the following video, taken August 16th, our readers can see the size and scope of the crowds that are involved in this rioting.

Just last weekend a protest of over 100 people devolved into violence — as they seem to do more often than not.  The riot ended with 3 police officers injured and 18 rioters arrested.

And let’s be clear.  These are rioting looters.  They’re not ‘peaceful’ at all, and most of them can’t make a cohesive statement about what they’re allegedly “protesting.”

These are violent, destructive criminals who are destroying private property.

A World Without Cops Looks Darker Every Minute

Since police are hamstrung in their efforts to stop the violence and destruction being unleashed by the shock troops of the left, more and more businesses are packing up shop and leaving town every day.

And as small businesses leave town, they take the tax base with them.  That means that should Seattle’s leftist leaders finally wake up and decide to support their Police Department in ending these riots….they’ll be facing such a budget crises that there won’t be money to hire any officers.

And you’d have to be crazy to go get a job with the Seattle Police Department right now.

Heck, just this week their own black female Chief of Police, Carmen Best, took an early retirement — just days after Antifa thugs followed her home to her suburban neighborhood.

Apparently she was a racist and not woke enough for the mob.  Maybe if she’d been transgender, they would have left her alone?

The Left’s America Will Be The End Of America

If the left is allowed to run roughshod over their big cities like this — cities that have death rates staggeringly higher than the ‘red’ cities and states, we can only assume that the cancer of violence and destruction will spread.

From a gun owners’ perspective, this is a time to be buying guns and ammo like they’re going out of style.

But from a political perspective, this is a time to be demanding that our ‘pro-gun legislators’ STAND THEIR GROUND and even ADVANCE our gun rights.  Selling out and compromising now — when the left is working overtime to pound on gun owners — is the ultimate form of treason.