Armed Locals Send Antifa Protestors Packing From Seattle Chief Of Police’s Suburban Neighborhood

Seattle, WA —  Sometimes we think that Seattle’s leftist Democrat officials deserve what they’re getting.  After all, Mayor Jenny Durkin  sat back while CHAZ/CHOP was errected in her city, saying it was just a ‘Summer of Love.’  That is, until they marched on her neighborhood, in true ‘we eat our own’ leftist style.  The day after the violent and destructive mob marched on her home, Mayor Durkin announced that CHAZ/CHOP was getting cleared out within 24 hours.

Chief Carmen Best

They Mayor Finally Shut Them Down, So They’re Going After The Cops

This next clip shows the same sort of leftists on the march again, but this time they’re headed to the Seattle Police Chief’s house.

Chief Carmen Best is a black woman –hardly a racist, you’d conclude — but that’s not good enough for the mob.  She has to bow to BLM and disband her police department and meet all of the terrorists’ demands!

But watch what happens when some armed locals stood up to the marching protestors as they marched through Chief Best’s Snohomish County neighborhood:

The residents heard from a local neighbor that there were non-locals dressed all in black pulling into the area.  The neighbors gathered what they needed and then blocked off a main road into the community.  Soon thereafter they were approached by a group of about “200 persons, mostly white men and women in their twenties” who were “dressed in black with masks and black hoods and carried signs that read “Black Lives Matter,”  according to the Lynnwood Times.

“Black Lives Matter protestors shouted profanity and insults at neighbors, took license plate information on vehicles, took pictures of homes, and asked little kids who lived in the neighborhood what schools they attended,” the outlet reported, adding that some of the protesters carried “large duffel bags” and attempted to get to Best’s home in the neighborhood.

Best noted that her neighbors “were concerned by such a large group” in a  letter she fired off to Seattle’s City Council, urging the members of the City Council to “forcefully call for the end of these tactics.”

Chief Best pointed out that the armed local residents “were successful in ensuring the crowd was not able to trespass or engage in other illegal behavior in the area, despite repeated attempts to do so.”

Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney said in a statement:

“The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has been supportive and accommodating to all peaceful protests that have occurred in our jurisdiction.  With that said, protesters targeting one individual’s house is a bullying tactic that will certainly require an extra patrol response to ensure every resident in Snohomish County can feel safe in their own home, with their loved ones, no matter what they choose to do to make a living.”

What a great neighborhood!  These folks gathered on the highway to protect not only their own properties from being destroyed as so many others have been, but also to protect Chief Best’s house.

Do You Hear The Whining?

In that video, which we noticed was only started once the Antifa protestors had been rebuffed by the locals, you can hear the whining tone of the snowflakes.

Emotional, high-strung.  You can hear how ‘triggered’ they are by their encounter with armed Americans.

That cheers us right the heck up.