Gun Champion Takes Major Victory In Georgia Primary — Marjorie Taylor Greene Likely Headed To Congress

In a crushing blow to the establishment, moderate GOP in Georgia, Second Amendment champion Marjorie Taylor Greene won her primary runoff election last night against RINO John Cowan.

Greene’s victory wasn’t by a small margin, either.  She took home nearly 60 percent of the votes to Cowan’s 40 percent.  The vote count saw Greene taking 42,883 votes to Cowan’s 32,068.


Proof that Greene is a fighter came this morning when Trump took a moment to congratulate Greene on her victory:

Marjorie’s victory signals a new era in Second Amendment politics.  From the very beginning, her campaign made gun rights a central theme.

Check out her viral video ad here:

Greene got winning endorsements from the Gun Owners of America, the American Firearms Coalition, the House Freedom Fund, and more.

Check out these hard-hitting ads that the American Firearms Coalition targeted to voters in the 14th Congressional district:


These two ads were seen by tens of thousands of voters in Greene’s district — no doubt mobilizing gun owners behind her rock-solid platform.


Greene’s victory comes after primaries in Missouri saw a similar result: moderate Republicans shown the door by voters who are tired of losing.  We reported how gun owners ousted RINO Kathy Swan who was terrible on the Second Amendment –all while having an A rating from the NRA!  That same night, Missouri’s gun owners gave gun owner gun-rights fighter Mike Moon the victory over RINO David Cole.

The left is fighting tooth and nail, but many ‘pro-gun’ candidates are done taking it sitting down.  That’s a failed tactic that has seen one loss of our gun rights after another!

Greene’s victory is proof that a new era is coming in gun politics.

In fact, Greene’s candidacy and landslide victory should send a loud message to other candidates and legislators: Stop playing nice!  Stop playing games!  Stop trying to get the media to like you — they HATE our gun rights!  Stop trying to coddle your enemy.

The left knows that this is a war; it’s time for our side to act like it!   Greene has clearly figured that out, and gun owners have told her they got the message!