BREAKING NEWS: Virginia’s Gov. Northam Wants A Special Session On Gun Control In August

Richmond, VA — The Left kicks when their enemies are down.  We saw that again today as news broke that Virginia’s tyrant governor Ralph Northam wants to call for a special session in August —  and gun control is on the table.

Virginians already knew that there was going to be a special session after the Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn announced as much on June 26th.

But originally, Northam and his new Democrat cohorts said it would be about addressing the economic impact of the Corona scare.

But as the political narrative in America changed, so did the focus of Virginia’s special session.  Now the special session is going to emphasize criminal justice reform in light of the riots and looting that followed the death of George Floyd on May 25th.

Never Let A Manufactured Crises Go To Waste

Just as gun owners feared, gun control will be on the agenda for August’s special legislative session  — that’s tied to criminal justice reform, of course.

Specifically, we reported earlier this year when extreme leftist Delegate Mark Levine (D) had filed gun control bill, HB961.  The bill was so bad that when it was heard by the House Safety Committee, gun owners got so angry hearing their representatives sell out their rights that the State Capital Police cleared the gun owners from the room!  

The Capital Police threatened the citizens that if they weren’t out of the room in one minute, they’d get arrested.

Still, despite it’s favored status with the left and passing the House, the bill was eventually ‘held over’ to the 2021 session. 

THAT bill, HB 961, has been specifically mentioned by Governor Northam as a bill he wants to revive.

What’s in Levine’s HB961?   Exactly what you’d expect of a bill that was conceived in the black heart of a legislator who hates everything good about America.

HB961 called for an ‘Assault weapon’ ban, a suppressor ban, and a high-capacity magazine ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Basically, that’s most of the gun control they didn’t get passed in the regular session.  After all, they already limited handgun purchases to one a month, passed red flag laws, expanded background checks, and more.

But what else could come up besides Levine’s HB961?   Other things have been mentioned by legislators as being ‘on the table’ for August:

  • Repeal Reciprocity With 25 States
  • Shutdown Indoor Shooting Ranges
  • More Restrictions on Outdoor Shooting Ranges
  • Proof Of Training To Purchase a Gun
  • Convictions For Various Misdemeanors As ‘Hate Crimes’ Will Rescind Gun Rights
  • 10% Tax On Guns And Ammunition
  • No Open Carry in Vehicles
  • Make It Illegal to Have Guns in State or Local Government Buildings
  • Make It Illegal to Have Huns in the Capital Square –the site of January’s Lobby Day rally — or in the General Assembly
  • Gun Stores Can’t Hire Anyone Who Has Been Legally Prohibited From Owning A Firearm — Even As A Janitor Or Stock Boy

The Left NEVER Stops Pushing

Gun owners, this is EXACTLY why the left keeps winning small victories all over the country — and thinks it can win a big victory in November.

Because while the rest of the country is arguing about masks and BLM, the left is pushing their gun control through with any flimsy excuse they can find.

The Virginia playbook is how the left always operates! They throw 15-20 gun control bills against the wall — allowing a few of them to be sacrificed on the alter of distraction — and then pass 90% of their overall agenda!

And while some gun owners are cheering the 10% of freedom they saved, radical socialists know that they passed 90% of their agenda and that they will be knocking at the Capital door next session looking for the remaining 10%.

For Virginia gun owners — and gun owners nationwide — the left is pounding at the door.