BREAKING: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Signs FIVE Gun Bills Into Law Just Hours Ago!

Richmond, VA — Governor Ralph Northam announced just two hours ago that he has signed five controversial gun bills into law.  Virginia’s new Democrat majority hopes that this victory for gun control will be a roadmap for other states to follow.

Northam signed bills into law that require universal background checks, a red flag bill, and that limit handgun purchases to one gun a month.

Oh Virginia…What’s Happened To You?

Virginia has become the radical left’s playground since last November after Mike Bloomberg poured more than $2.5 million dollars into their November elections. The whole country watched in horror as a rich leftist flipped the traditionally conservative state into a radical blue state.   Since then, Ralph Northam and his purchased majority have been threatening to bring this gun control crushing down on citizens of the Old Dominion state–and now he’s done just that.

And Northam couldn’t be happier.  On a conference call with several gun control organizations earlier today, he crowed with pride, “This is an exciting day for me!”

Exciting?  Only if you’re the most depraved sort of tyrant.

Now They Know Their Model Works

After a smashing victory in Virginia, gun-control groups boldly admit that they’re going to follow this same strategy in other states.

John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said “his” organization — read, Mike Bloomberg’s organization –will spend millions of dollars in ‘battleground states’ like Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Northam Isn’t Finished With Virginia

Some gun owners might want to try to see the positives here.  We’ll admit that we think that’s misplaced optimism, but still, some gun owners might want to tell themselves that it could be worse.   After all, he didn’t pass the AR-15 ban that he wanted, right?

Well, don’t get excited.  He’s not giving up.  Northam admitted that he “came up short” on the specific goal of banning assault weapons this legislative session, but assures his gun control friends that he’s going to push it again next year.  “I will not stop.  We can’t stop here. We need to keep working on this issue. It will be year after year,” he said.