Chicago Has Another Weekend Bloodbath: 114 Shot, 14 Killed — July 4th Weekend Just Ahead

Chicago, IL — The Marxists who have taken over the Democrat party are encouraged by the violence in America’s streets because it means their idolized ‘change’ is coming.  They don’t care that the change comes with a high and bloody price tag.  As long as it leaves them in power, they don’t care if their ‘change’ is for the worse.

Chicago just made it through another long and violent weekend where more than 114 people were killed.  14 of those people died of their injuries, including a 20-month-old boy who was shot to death while riding in the car with his father.  His father was the intended target of that shooting.

Additionally, a 10-year-old girl who was hit by a stray bullet while inside her home.  A third child was hit by a bullet that grazed her head but she is expected to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, pretends that she’s not responsible for the anarchy and death that are running rampant in her city:

It’s not a gun violence epidemic so much as a slew of violence that was unleashed when Lightfoot and other leftist mayors decided to blame the police for all their problems.

Many criminals have viewed this as tacit approval of their destructive behavior.  Chicago has seen record-high numbers of shootings since the riots over George Floyd’s death began on May 26th.   Father’s Day weekend saw 104 people shot — 14 of those people died.

July 4th Is Dead Ahead

The upcoming 4th of July weekend is typically one of the worst weekends of the year for violent crime in the Windy City.  In anticipation of that, Chicago’s Police Department announced today that the are putting 1,200 additional officers on the streets.  Those extra officers will be on the streets starting on Thursday night and carrying through until Monday morning.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department David Brown is urging lawmakers to stop releasing criminals due to the Corona scare.  More than 1,600 were released back onto the streets in Chicago between May 1st and June 1st — and the crime has risen dramatically to match it.

Brown requested that no more be released until after the 4th of July weekend was over.  Brown said, “We’re pleading [with the court system] to keep them in jail for the weekend,” he said.  Brown explained that those arrested for dealing or buying drugs on street corners may not be charged with violent crimes, but that such activity often leads to gun fights between violent gangs.

They Point The Blame At Gun Owners Every Time

It’s a tired old story, but the left keeps repeating it: gun owners are the problem.  But as Chicago has shown over and over, it’s not easy access to guns or the lack of gun control that’s the problem.  After all, Chicago has strict purchasing laws and more gun control than half the other cities it’s size in the country.

No, it’s a criminal problem.  And it’s problem that the Democrats — who have run Chicago for decades — need to take responsibility for, instead of blaming law-abiding gun owners who don’t even live there.