Chicago: 104 People Shot, 14 Fatally Over Father’s Day Weekend — No Statues Are Suspected In Shootings

While the radical left pretends that tearing down statues — and passing more gun control — will improve the lives of minorities in America, Chicago hasn’t gotten the message.

Over Father’s Day weekend, starting Friday evening and until the early morning hours on Monday, Chicago saw 104 people shot.  Of those 104, 14 died of their injuries.

Of the number who were killed, five were under the age of 18 and thus still children.  Two of those killed include a 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl.  They were killed in two separate shootings on Saturday.

This weekend has set a new record for shootings in a single weekend.  Memorial Day weekend still holds the top spot for fatalities after 24 people were killed the last weekend in May.

If It Weren’t For The Narrative

If the media didn’t exist, America could look at Chicago and see that something isn’t working.  With all their gun control, they still have shootings and murders at a rate that’s staggeringly higher than the rest of the country.

In fact, the areas with almost no gun control are peaceful havens in comparison!

It’s not the statues that are killing Americans in Chicago.  It’s not white gun-owning racists pulling the trigger.  The guns aren’t walking around killing people by themselves.

There’s a tragic loss of life happening in Chicago, but the media is so intent on pointing the blame at gun owners and people who lived 150 years ago that nobody is taking responsibility for the bodies stacking up in the morgue every single weekend.

No cops and no guns?  Chicago is the perfect illustration that the left’s ‘solution’ will actually be a bloodbath for black Americans.